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Jason Swain

Kensington, MD - United States








Jason Swain

Kensington, MD - United States

Jason Swain - Fine Artist

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About Jason Swain

Born in Brisbane, Australia, Jason moved to the United States in 1992 after making a couple of cross country trips there previously. A Jack of all trades but master of none, he has tried just about everything once, from a stint on the late night perils of taxi driving to landscaping to a host on a local cable television show, the job list goes on. All along it was to support his real passion, art. After a chance meeting with one of Australia’s premier artists, Robert Hagan the passion was ignited again and he soaked up everything that he could and immersed himself in art again. Jason painted a broad range of subjects, from westerns, to beach scenes and later portraits which became his specialty. The portraits have the intricate detail with the impressionist background and this became his signature style. A typical Aussie, with a dry sense of humor and a willingness to strike a conversation with just about anyone. His extraverted personality has landed him in the most unique life situations. Some of his past customers include former President Bill Clinton, legendary Boston Celtics coach, Red Auerbach and more recently one of Australia’s icons, Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter) which was featured on the front page of the Washington Post Style section. Jason traveled to Australia to present the Irwin portrait in front of the crowd at the famous crocodile show as a gift to Terri Irwin and the kids. An avid outdoorsman, Jason loves to surf and the odd game of golf and in the winter months makes the journey to the warmer climates in search of the perfect wave. In his spare time he loves to carve wood, with a chainsaw and a couple of chisels being his tools of choice. As long as there’s daylight he hates to waste one minute of it and often says that we are born at point “A” and die at point “B” and what we do in between is entirely up to us.

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Indian girl by Jason Swain


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Pink Parasol by Jason Swain


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Salma by Jason Swain


Renegade by Jason Swain


Rainbow Lorikeets by Jason Swain


Soaking It Up by Jason Swain


Mooloolaba Beach by Jason Swain


Hand In Hand by Jason Swain


End Of The Line by Jason Swain


Baquera by Jason Swain


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Amara with Lillies by Jason Swain


Partners in crime by Jason Swain


Dianne by Jason Swain


Road map for Rock and Roll by Jason Swain


The Boss by Jason Swain


Boys of Summer by Jason Swain

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