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Jean Blackmer

Sylva, NC - United States








Jean Blackmer

Sylva, NC - United States

Jean Blackmer - Fine Artist

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About Jean Blackmer

Art, for me, has been a passion throughout my lifetime. In fourth grade I was chosen as the class artist for the year, which entitled me to wear pants to school on certain days instead of the required skirt or dress. We had chalkboards surrounding the four walls of the classroom with the one at the back of the class designated especially for a mural. Each time we had a change of subject I got to draw a mural with colored chalk and wear pants! I especially remember doing a whole wall on the Pilgrims and Indians at Thanksgiving time, standing on a chair with chalk dust on my face and hands.
I have attempted (and succeeded, I think) many types of media: oils, acrylics, watercolor, carving wood (even chain saw carving a bear for my cabin porch), sculpting with clay (making many dolls and figures), pottery, stained glass (making 3 windows for my house), and now my current interest, lampworking (making glass beads for my jewelry). My favorite medium will always be watercolor. So, although I am constantly challenging myself, my watercolors can only improve with age!
Lucky for me I have a very supportive husband, Brian, who encourages all my endeavors and is proud to give tours of our house and point out all my accomplishments. My house is my gallery.
As an artist I recognize the possibilities found in everyday sights. There are potential paintings everywhere I look. Even when I am not painting, I get ideas everywhere and they race through my head with abandoned imagination!

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