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JeanDarcel Michel - Fine Artist

JeanDarcel Michel

New York, NY - United States








JeanDarcel Michel

New York, NY - United States

JeanDarcel Michel - Fine Artist

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May 26th, 2012







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About JeanDarcel Michel

About JeanDarcel Michel Sr

Born in Port-au-Prince Haiti, 1958 his parents brought him to the United States while he was 12 years old. In the late seventies he began holding a camera just for the fun of it. by the mid eighties he was so much into taking pictures and developing that he build his own dark room to process films as well as printing and developing Cibachromes. He later took a job at New York Film works where became an assistant manager of the facility. During that time he work in all sort of film related area. From processing Kodachrome slides, mixing chemicals in heavy volume, color printing, color enlarging,  black and white printing. and many administrative duties, he mastered photography. He always made use of a camera for various reason. He touch numerous forms of photography such as (Weddings, Sports, Models, and Nature). When his wife became an artist around 1993, he started using his camera to take pictures of her work and has now developed a serious collection of her paintings. Some of those pictures he has worked with various computer programs for special effects and some viewers find them very captivating.
Still involved in many aspects of the art world, he works on site building, brochures, fliers, booklets, business cards etc.  He has been involved in the ice skating world since 1986. He has managed the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center for many years and now manages the skating rink at Riverbank State park. Having worked for parks a very long time, he has develop a collection of photographs on nature at various locations throughout the state. (See about Klode below)

About Klode

Michèle Claude Garoute Michel
Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Lives and works in New York, USA.

Klode started painting at a very early age. She was only 5 years old when she won her first award for art, and everyone thought it was ephemeral. As time would show however, a visit from her father,
Tiga (a prominent Haitian artist) in New York 1991 reaffirmed her true passion for art.
Like an explosion Klode the artist came out, and through her outburst we are left beneficiaries of marvelous wonders. Her startling originality of work shows that she has approached her medium with daring and her creativeness is valiant. Klode’s art has been well received. She shows mostly in New York where she lives. Klode has also exhibited in Haiti, Miami and the Dominican Republic.

Artist statement

I have been painting professionally since 1997. I am a creative artist who is very passionate about art. I made art my center when I learned to create to take control by growing and developing in the art field. Finding my place creating, I became satisfied with my life. I came to value the art process as a special tool to help me touch other people lives around me also. Inspiring and stimulating children and adults alike with my art or initiating them to art to become self-aware, is my passion. It is a special artistic process that renders my life self-worthy to enjoy total well-being: creating to giving back, reaching out to help others.

Having a clear understanding of the importance of art and its true function in people lives, to promote art values to people, is my special way to maintain my rich art heritage: Creation-Tradition. I am proud to do so as a conscious artist who benefited much from art and also as the daughter of the Haitian artist who introduced this unique art concept in his culture, many years ago in Haiti. Jean Claude Garoute Tiga worked tirelessly hard for fifty years to first prove the importance of art in his culture as an easier alternative mean for growth and development. Then Tiga developed artistic ways to teach people how to utilize art as a tool to find balance, bring change to their lives, and advance.

My father’s art passion and devotion to create and make people self- aware using art as a tool is a special bond we share. It is a bond that I am thankful for and also cherished. But most of all, this special bond brought our lives full circle, when I chose to become a proud advocate for art awareness also in my own community.

About Tiga

Jean-Claude 'Tiga' Garoute was born in Port-au-Prince on December 9, 1935; Tiga grew up in Jérémie (Grand'Anse) until the age of six before moving to Port-au-Prince where he later began his career as a painter. Tiga co-founded a museum of ceramic art in Haiti named Poto-Mitan and the Saint-Soleil post-naïve school of Haitian painting. An abstract painter, he participated in art festivals throughout the world. In his paintings, Tiga often used his 'Solèy Brile' method, a combination of ink and acid. He worked in many disciplines from music to painting, from sculpture to drawing.
Tiga and Maude Guerdes Robard, a writer and painter herself founded the Saint-Soleil post-naïve school of Haitian painting. The school was born when they offered farmers in Soisson-La-Montagne, a rural area near Port-au-Prince, drawing and painting materials.
The artists were all peasants, and their paintings in fitting with tradition depicted the lwa. These representations were not in costume or in a Catholic likeness, but were depicted as form and energy. This was the avant-garde of Haitian art. The group included Prosper Pierre Louis, Louisianne St. Fleurant the mother of Stevenson and Ramphis Magloire, and Levoy Exil. The movement drew the eye of French author André Malraux who dedicated a chapter to it in his book 'L'Intemporel.'
Tiga also founded 'Kay Tiga” a cultural center where he taught children and adults art through his 'Rotation Artistique' (Artistic Rotation) method. The method consisted of letting the pupils freely moved around from drumming to paint to clay and created what they fancied. The point was that Tiga believed in creative freedom and limitless expression. Tiga believed that this method helped adult and children alike find inner peace and balance in everyday life.
Haiti's February 2007 carnival was dedicated to him and embraced the theme Solèy Levé (Risen Sun) to evoke the Saint-Soleil movement he co-created. Tiga received the Haitian Presidential Certificate and Medal of Honor, which was presented to him by a delegation that came from Haiti representing President Preval.
Through his researches of the 'VEVES' (symbols of spiritual invocation) he offered what was instilled in him as the voice of prudence. He would say that man has to detach himself from conventional methods that have been taught to him throughout his education if he wants to remain a creator. Among Tiga's many sayings are: 'In Haiti the culture is always alive' 'I found my art amid my people' 'When the art spirit has penetrated a nation, its people are neither ignorant nor illiterate'.
This concept known as 'Nouvelle Ecole' (the new school) was consecrated in Dakar Senegal during the first world festival of Black Art.
Tiga invited the then modern Haitian Artist to take the occidental art at a new level of consciousness.
He founded in Port-au-Prince, a cultural center called Poto-Mitan to express the 'Nouvelle Ecolle' (the new school).
He had the first exhibition of total art in Petionville, Haiti. He showed how man in order to find the profound sense of creation, has to be united with everything that stimulates creativity before he can accept his callings.
Poisson Soleil (Sun's Fish) a movement of experimenting popular art with nine other members in Petionville, Haiti
Soisson La Montagne: Tiga's first attempt with Maud Robard to create a cultural village with all the arts as basis of development.
Saint Soleil was show cased at the Haitian Art Museum with more than twenty members, to follow with many exhibits in the United States of America.
He meets Andre Malraux for the second time which enables him to meet Jerzy Grotowski.
He stayed at Denmark for the 'Odin-Theatre' experiment.
He stayed in California, USA with the 'Traditions program at Irvine University'. He then stayed at Brewster, Cape Cod, Massachusetts were he presented with Barbara Wallace: 'Poem a Point (Poem with Point) and work around the experiment of vocal drum.
He returns to Haiti where he develops his own technique of 'Soleil Brule' (Burn Sun).
Art Exhibit at Doctor Simphard Bontemps in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
He opened the KAYTIGA cultural center at Bourbon Park, Haiti.
Group Exhibit, Black and White: Reuniting twenty three Haitian artist in the exhibit titled 'Tiga la Fleche' (Tiga the arrow).
He participated in the abstract exhibit at the Pantheon National Museum (MUPANAH).
He participated at the second festival of Caribbean film at Fort de France, Martinique where he presented 'L'oeuil du Soleil' (The Eye of the Sun) and his recent work.
He exhibited at Galerie Marassa, Petionville, Haiti. Touch of different mediums: Acrylic, Ink and Aquarelle (Watercolor).
Art exhibit Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Lille, France. A collection exhibit titled 'Fondation Septentrion de Anne et Albert Prouvost' at Chateau du Vert Bois, Lille, France.
He held the introduction of seven new Haitian artists at the 'Centre D'art Haitien' (Haitian Art Center) Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The seven new artist were of the 'L'oeuil du Soleil' (The Eye of the Sun) among which were villagers.
Visions: III, a group exhibit with Phillippe Dodard and Mervs at Art Gallery and Galerie Marassa, Washington D.C.
Kaytiga presented 'Graffiti Tiga'
He participated in a group show (Symbolism of the Cross) Honoring Gerad Liautaud at 'Musse D'ard Haitien' (Haitian Art Museum).
The French Institute in Haiti presented Tiga Retrospect 1945-1995
He participated in an exhibit titled Hypolite and Tiga at 'Les Salons Hypolite', Haiti.
He was the recipient of the Gold Medal at Biennial, Dominican Republic.
Michele Alfred presented 'Soleil Brule Tiga' at Chez Gerard, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
Group Show 'Trois Artist Trois Perceptions' at the Pantheon Museum, Haiti.
Illustration of the book 'Poem a Point' with Barbara Wallace at Brewster Massachusetts, USA
Exhibit Dodard and Tiga Haiti
Mupanah and the French Institute presented Tiga and Onel 'Rendez Vous de L'erdre, France.
Hypolite and Tiga 'Tiga Soleil Brule Apocalypse' Haitian Art Museum, Haiti
Collaborated with Jivan Fine Jewelry 'Transcendence Pin'
Dodard and Tiga 'La Descende aux enfers' Galerie Marassa, Haiti
Recipient of Award for excellence at Le Plaza Hotel Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Presented 'Anges ou Follies' At Gallerie Nader, Haiti.
Group show 'Trois Artist Trois Perspective' Museum Pantheon National, Haiti.
Tiga and Klode by KlodeArt at St Bernard School, NYC, NY
Transmission “Tiga and Klode” at Galerie Marassa Haiti
KlodeArt presented Tiga & Klode at Saint Bernard School, New York, NY. USA.
Exhibit “Haiti Manman Nou” at Adria Hotel, Queens, NY. USA.
Illustration of three books 'Histoire de Toussaint L'ouverture by Horace Pauleu Sanon
Action Foundation presented 'Haiti 1804 - 2004 from a Legacy of Freedom to an Explosion of Culture' Featured Art in Motion installation by renowned Haitian Master Tiga in partnership with the Museum of Fort Lauderdale Florida, USA.
He participated at the « Foire de la Montagne at Value, Petit Goave, Haïti, Association des paysans de Value et Fondation Culture Création ». Tiga, animation and performance.
Smithsonian Folk life festival at Washington DC presented the Artistic Rotation” by Tiga & Klode
Art exhibit at Wheel Horse Gallery, Connecticut, USA.
Solo exhibit at Alliatiga Foundation, Fort Lauderdale, FL. USA
Recipient of Haiti's Presidential award as 'Commandeur'
Was honored by the Haitian Art Association at Queens Museum of Art, NY USA
December 14th 2006 Tiga deceased at Fort Lauderdale Fl. USA

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