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Jeff Hess

Corvallis, OR - United States








Jeff Hess

Corvallis, OR - United States

Jeff Hess - Fine Artist

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About Jeff Hess

Please Read! I'm not satisfied with the quality of metal prints offered through this print service and because I can't control the type of media printing someone purchasing one of my images might choose I've decided to disable all but greeting cards. Photographic prints (metal, canvas and traditional) can all be purchased through my smugmug account found here. I will monitor the metal printing offered by this site and turn printing back on when I feel confident the product meets my, and my customer's, standards. Thanks for being understanding!


I began taking formal photography classes while living in Sydney, Australia and found that almost immediately after I started looking at light as an artistic medium a love affair began. I view the camera as an engineering tool used to manipulate light in such a way that passes information on to the viewer, information beyond the journalistic image of person, place or thing. This 'engineering' exercise is what I set out to do once I've decided to pick my camera up whereas what drives me to create an image in the first place is something more akin to passion. It may be the curve of a shadow, the depth reached by a blue, or a self-imposed technical exercise which produces something in my peripheral that calls me to pursue. Whatever the catalyst, once haunted & inspired, I can spend months pursuing an image... and nothing makes me happier.

I am currently living in the Pacific North West of the US pursuing images full time. You can follow me on facebook at Jeff Hess Photography.

Please enjoy my work and feel free to contact me with any questions.

-Jeff Hess

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