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Jeff Holbrook

Flint, MI - United States








Jeff Holbrook

Flint, MI - United States

Jeff Holbrook - Fine Artist

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September 23rd, 2012







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About Jeff Holbrook

Black and White Infrared Photography has been a specialty of mine for 15 years now, since first seeing the imagery of Simon Marsden.
Trying to emulate his work, I shot countless rolls of black & white film to no avail. I finally took his work to a photo store and asked,
'How is this guy getting this look?' One word, 'Infrared.' It was a steep learning curve but a fun challenge the whole way, from
learning how to handle the film, loading it in changing bags, developing the fragile film in my dark room, experimenting with different developers that would accentuate the films other worldly look and big grain, working hours to get one print right, trying to make sense of the budding digital processes to working with my current converted 5D mark II. The best results are right here. I hope you like what you see as much as I've liked making them. There is also a gallery of color work that I enjoy working on in Photoshop. Check everything out, and thank you for looking in!


The watermarks will not appear on purchased prints.

The massive grain you see in the high res sample views here will not be that noticeable on the actual print. Especially while admiring from a wall.

~Jeff Holbrook

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