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Jenna Fournier

Cleveland, OH - United States








Jenna Fournier

Cleveland, OH - United States

Jenna Fournier - Fine Artist

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About Jenna Fournier

I was born outside Los Angeles to a traveling military family. I grew up all over, landing in Las Vegas, where I first began to sell my art as a teenager working on the Strip. After moving to Cleveland in 2006, I began to show in galleries, and eventually opened my own for a couple years and represented other emerging artists. I have explored many areas of the arts, including music, acting, dance, and jewelry making. I have worked on murals for pre-schools, homes, and offices, and illustrated several independent children's books. I have taught painting to MR/DD adults. I have dabbled in many things that interest me, but my passions and focus are painting and music. I sing, write, and play guitar with a band called NIGHTS, which I also do all the art for (marketing/merch/ect.) My current work revolves around incorporating visual art onto the stage.

I love art. Looking at it, thinking about it, and especially making it.
I approach a canvas one of two ways.
The first is intuitive. With no sketches made, I build lines and color until figures or elements of nature appear to engage the viewer. Composition, subjects, and all other artistic decisions are made and changed along the way. This is an freeing experience and a celebration of beauty.
There are other times when the brush and canvas are merely tools to tell a story. In this instance, sketches are carefully thought out. Subjects exist to comment on human behavior and emotion, sometimes in the form of metaphors and symbols, and often stretching into surreal circumstance. In this way, the 'real' can be depicted more clearly by changing the angle of the viewers perspective to that of the unreal, or the surreal.

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