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Jennifer Zelik

Palm Harbor, FL - United States








Jennifer Zelik

Palm Harbor, FL - United States

Jennifer Zelik - Fine Artist

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About Jennifer Zelik

I'm not sure if I'm more a birder or photographer. It really started together when I got my 1st digital camera in 2006. Wanting to start playing with my new equipment, I went into the backyard and began photographing birds. It then grew into me walking around my neighborhood with my camera in tow shooting whatever interested me, which were usually birds.

This love of bird watching brought back memories of one evening long ago when I was sick and cooped up in the house, and my mother brought me out to the backyard to watch the birds snatch insects for their dinner. It was just an hour or so, but it was a special time I spent alone with my mother and I couldn't wait to watch the aerial display the next evening.

The excitement I feel when I spot a new bird species is only exceeded by the 'take my breath away' feeling of beautiful photographs. It's a great combination that helps me de-stress from everyday life. When birding and photographing alone or with my best friend, George, I work to improve my photography skills, while birding with a group, my focus is on species identification. My latest pursuit in photography is capturing bird behavior, such as nest building, feeding, and preening. In flight photography is always a challenge, especially with the smaller birds.

Someone once said, birding is like a treasure hunt, you never know what you're going to come upon. This gallery represents part of the treasure I've come across.

Happy hunting.
Jennifer Zelik

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American Oystercatcher grooming by Jennifer Zelik


American Oystercatcher by Jennifer Zelik


Fawns suckling by Jennifer Zelik


Kayaks on Dunedin Causeway by Jennifer Zelik


Eastern Meadowlark by Jennifer Zelik


Redwinged Blackbird Calling by Jennifer Zelik


Red-bellied Woodpecker by Jennifer Zelik


Sandhill Crane with Colt by Jennifer Zelik


Eastern Kingbird by Jennifer Zelik


Black Skimmer Silhouette by Jennifer Zelik


Least Bittern by Jennifer Zelik


Cattle Egret by Jennifer Zelik


Rose-breasted Grosbeak by Jennifer Zelik


Cedar Waxwing by Jennifer Zelik


Quiet Please by Jennifer Zelik


Common Yellowthroat by Jennifer Zelik


Fresh Catch by Jennifer Zelik


Silhouette of Great Egret by Jennifer Zelik


Yellow rumped at Sunset by Jennifer Zelik


Yellow-rumped Warbler by Jennifer Zelik


Wood Stork Reflection by Jennifer Zelik


Snowy Egret Baiting by Jennifer Zelik


Hanging Around by Jennifer Zelik


Black-bellied Whistling Ducks by Jennifer Zelik

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