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Jenny Rainbow

Yaroslavl - Russian Federation








Jenny Rainbow

Yaroslavl - Russian Federation

Jenny Rainbow - Fine Artist

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November 18th, 2011







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About Jenny Rainbow

My real name is Evgeniya Vlasova, but historically has come that my nick name - Jenny Rainbow also known as my artistic and photographer's pseudonym became my second name.
Originally I am Russian, but moving a lot overseas, influenced by many different cultures... By my graduation Im a Fine Art artist and my specialty was design and painting, but when digital camera's technology starts its glorious way I changed a direction and now Im dealing only with photography, but very often using in images the Fine Art techniques and effects.
Photography is my passion & the camera is my great faithful partner, anywhere I go. Actually my photography is kind of language Im speaking to the world and the way to share the beauty of this planet with all of you...
My second passion is nature, which inspiring, giving an energy and healing me all the time.
Well, Im not feeling myself in a mission, but Im happy to see and hear by your feedback that my works bringing to you the warmth, positive energy, inspiration, joy and feel of the Earth beauty.
It makes the difference. It makes to feel the world much friendly and closer...
Be aware that watermark in the lower right corner of the image will not appear on the final print!

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Healing with Feng Shui and Color Therapy in Interior Design

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placing objects that will bring either favorable or unfavorable effects; the placement of which is based on the flow of energy in the universe call chi and on patterns of yin and yang. The literal translation for the Chinese words "Feng" and "Shui" are "Wind" and "Water". It is through wind and water that chi flows through nature and the universe. Chi should not be impeded but balanced so that any negative forms (sha chi or "poisoned arrows") may be offset with positive adjustments. We live in an interconnected web of life where every element in nature interacts with the others. The elements act as a whole to create and maintain Chi -- the force of life. There are 5 elements of Feng Shui: Water. Wood. Fire. Earth. Metal. Here Im presenting the art works with very strong and powerful essence of these 5 elements. At home and at work, you can create five-element arrangements in an infinite variety. Think of all the different combinations you can put together by using the things, colors and shapes associated with each element. This can be called the Feng Shui alchemy. Mix the five elements just right and you will have an environment of gold. Now it will be your own creativity to use these art works as a mighty interior elements to invite the happiness, love, joy, health, prosperity and fulfil life into your home! Good Luck!

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Jenny Rainbow

Jenny Rainbow - Blue Air. Grass Art

Blue Air. Grass Art

Jenny Rainbow

Jenny Rainbow - Gentle Light

Gentle Light

Jenny Rainbow