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Jenny Sorge

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Jenny Sorge

Mpls, MN - United States

Jenny Sorge - Fine Artist

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About Jenny Sorge

I just love creating. I am still exploring for myself why that is...but I love it. It seems to be something my hands were created to do. At this point I believe it is because I was born with that innate 'push' to make something to add to the world.

I would probably call myself 'eclectic'...although I like 'innovative in artistic expression' better.... because of the wide range of materials I have always had to work with, and have learned to use. The materials, the ideas and the places to create changed so often as I grew up that I got used to using many differing types of tools and mediums. This is why I think you will see and perhaps understand a little more about me as you read my bio...and then look through my artwork...why two pieces of my work can each look as though they came from two different artists.

Most of my 2-D work is very intricate. They were created with very small and exacting strokes with pen and ink...where as a few others were digitally created. There are also sculptures that resemble cakes and chocolates which were done using many of the household items that most people already have..

All in all, I hope you will enjoy what has emerged from my love of creating...


'I live life in the moment. I do not wait until tomorrow to live or to do what I want or what I ought…no, I live it today.'

Jenny grew up in a Navy family and never knew when she would be moving. So, to her, it meant that she never knew what new bullies, neighbors or what kind of teachers she would meet next. She grew up waiting...

What kept her going was her imagination and love for drawing, painting and creating. She would fill pads and pads of paper with very inventive images. When possible her parents would enroll her in art related classes…so she took oil painting, sculpting, macramé, ballet and drama. Her mother also taught her to sew and so she loved designing and making everything from pillows to the re-creating of an existing dress!

When they were stationed in San Diego, CA she became a part of the Balboa Children’s Puppet Theatre Group and was in various productions…one of her favorites being, “Witch’s Candy”. Then when they were stationed in Hawaii, she took Hawaiian dance…that she also taught, to the neighborhood kids for 75 cents a lesson!

After high school in ‘76, she moved from Colorado back to her birthplace of Minnesota and went on to begin her work with young children as her heart for kids grew. She often felt lost growing up and moving so much, so helping children deal with various feelings, just seemed natural.

She worked for a while and attended a fine art school in Minneapolis. During this time, she also became interested in Clowning, so she took classes with a new clown troupe that was developing and traveled with it doing shows throughout the upper Midwest.

Then in time, she moved to California to be near family, and attended, then graduated from Palomar College with a 4.0 and received her ECE Certification, along with an award for the most outstanding student.

Therefore, it was quite natural for her to incorporate her love for art and creativity into her teaching. So, through her over 30 years of working with children, she has created many learning activities that had a very distinctive artistic touch!

She also became very interested in history and joined a Victorian Society. Then along with the other members, gave themed “Teas” each month…and because she enjoyed it so much she made her own Anne of Green Gables outfit with an authentic turn-of-the-century riding hat to top it off!

Now, as you take a look at Jenny Elaine’s work, you will see her heart for children, color, texture, design and the many life experiences she's had that have influenced her varied style. There are pieces that evoke feelings of joy, and some, perhaps a little regret. You will see many other pieces that show the imaginative designs that has always come natural to her!

Her Experience and Education includes:

Atelier Lac School of Art Minneapolis, MN ‘81-’82
Palomar College ECE ‘85-’87
Self-Study through Various Experiences, Conferences and Europe
B.E.S.T. Arts Conferences ‘00-‘02

2011 Happenings::
Fine Art America
Art-A-Whirl 2011
Little Strokes Gallery 3rd Place Award - Mixed Media

And please see me on facebook!!/pages/Jenny-Sorge/252486181435340?sk=wall

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White on White Cutwork Lace by Jenny Sorge


Crisp Lace Aprons In The Breeze by Jenny Sorge

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