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Jephyr Art

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Jephyr Art

Phoenix, AZ - United States

Jephyr Art - Fine Artist

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About Jephyr Art

I've always been interested in art but had done little more than sketch all my life...and even then I drew mostly just cartoony, line drawings.

A few years ago, I decided to take a number of computer art courses at a nearby community college. I met an artist in one of those classes who became a friend and he encouraged me to look into Fine Art classes at the same school.

It turns out they have a great Fine Art program teaching traditional techniques of color theory, design, drawing, life drawing/anatomy, oil painting, photography and more.

I've learned so much (knowing I still have a LOT to learn) and after having nearly completed a Fine Art and Digital Illustration degree I now have a little more confidence to begin to present my art here.

I'd love to hear what everyone thinks...and get any advice other professions are willing to offer.

And of course I'd love to know that people liked my work enough to purchase a print or card etc!

Van Gogh and the Dutch of his day believed...we serve God by using our talents to the best of our abilities. This is my goal.

Thanks for stopping by!


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Momento Maury by Jephyr Art


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Almost Home by Jephyr Art


Consider The Ravens by Jephyr Art


A.S. Troelstra Caricature by Jephyr Art


Ordus de terci Bananas by Jephyr Art


Ape Photo Study by Jephyr Art


The Ancients by Jephyr Art


Sky Weaver by Jephyr Art


End Of The Road by Jephyr Art


Kevin Krueger Caricature by Jephyr Art


Maxwell by Jephyr Art


The Witness by Jephyr Art


Highway Mirage by Jephyr Art


The Lost Dutchman's Dream by Jephyr Art


The Sky Speaks by Jephyr Art


Shadow Dweller by Jephyr Art


Ghost Town Relic by Jephyr Art


Retired Mining Machine by Jephyr Art


Shadows and Ghosts by Jephyr Art


Little Red Rooster by Jephyr Art

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   |   Images = 57





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