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Jeramie Curtice

Trumbull, MI - United States








Jeramie Curtice

Trumbull, MI - United States

Jeramie Curtice - Fine Artist

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About Jeramie Curtice

Once a full time freelance photojournalist for Muskegon News entity, now a part time 'Photo Enthusiast' just for fun. Having picked up my first 35mm camera and completing my first Photography correspondence class at only age 12, I now use only the highest quality photography gear with pictures in full resolution at 18 megapixels using high-end pure glass L series lenses by Canon for the highest quality picture you can possibly get.

Even with all my experience and gear, I still consider myself a student photographer even after having over 22 years personal and 'professional' experience between studio web compositions and other ventures mentioned already. There's too many jokers out there who call themselves 'professionals' who let the camera do the work for them, then Photoshop enhance their crap to hide their screw-ups, yet have no real talent or ability in Photography themselves. It's these monkeys who only fool themselves into thinking that they are Pro, yet not understanding what it really takes to be called that. Perhaps after Professional endorsements, one could truly call themselves a professional photographer, but certainly not after one one year of self-edifying like my haters do. lol

If you would like any digital copies of my work for computer, tablet, and handheld device backgrounds, Facebook cover photos, direct printing options, or otherwise, then please feel free to contact me personally through the contact or email links. Otherwise, please enjoy the super high quality print options here for all your wall art needs. You will be extremely happy either way. :)

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Bigfoot House - Sasquatch Cottage by Jeramie Curtice


Mother and Child Sunset Walk by Lighthouse by Jeramie Curtice


Beyond the Grave - Star Trails Over Statue by Jeramie Curtice


Mystical Stream Photo by Jeramie Curtice


Deer Jumping Across Walking Trail in Muskegon by Jeramie Curtice


Sailboat Sunset Down Muskegon Channel by Jeramie Curtice


Muskegon Lighthouse Lightning and Radiance Sunset by Jeramie Curtice


Horse Eye Reflection of Gate by Jeramie Curtice


Michigan Red-Tailed Hawk by Jeramie Curtice


Watching a Lightning Storm by Jeramie Curtice


Face in the Clouds at Millennium Park by Jeramie Curtice


Grand Haven Lighthouse HDR by Jeramie Curtice


Grand Haven North Lighthouse by Jeramie Curtice


Splash of Sunshine by Jeramie Curtice


Freebird by Jeramie Curtice


Sunset through the Pier by Jeramie Curtice


Jesus is the Light by Jeramie Curtice


Seagull Wing Touches the Sun by Jeramie Curtice


Green Field Blue Sky by Jeramie Curtice


Forgiveness Jesus on Cross Statue With American Flag by Jeramie Curtice


Lightning Over Muskegon Lighthouse by Jeramie Curtice


Empty Park Bench City Night Lights by Jeramie Curtice


Amazing Seagull Flying by Jeramie Curtice


Chicago Harold Washington Library - Black and White Photo by Jeramie Curtice

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   |   Images = 39





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