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Jerrold Carton

Overland Park, KS - United States








Jerrold Carton

Overland Park, KS - United States

Jerrold Carton - Fine Artist

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About Jerrold Carton

Jerrold Carton Fine Art
Thank you for coming by to view Jerrold's work. Jerrold Carton was a masterful artist who lived from May 2, 1947-April 14, 2009. He passed away unexpectedly and long before his time. The world lost years of amazing work he could have completed had he not died. We are left, however, with an amazing body of work. He received his B.F.A. degree in painting in 1970 from the Minneapolis College Of Art and Design. During my time there he was privileged to study with such notables as Roberto Matta , Christo, Kurt Sonderborg , Wayne Thibaud and George Segal. He began painting at age fourteen with many paintings in collections across the country and in foreign nations as well; additionally, he worked in a variety of other mediums . A quantity of his work, including sculpture, has been exhibited and sold in galleries from New York state to New Mexico for a number of years. His most recent focus is inclined more toward painting the state of being than it is toward representing the being in a concrete sense. In his own words, 'I explore juxtaposition of color, form, contrast, motion, life and lifelessness in a representational style seeking to express what are sometimes ethereal and abstract concepts. In addition my works are filled with a personal symbolism forged from what I perceive as universal but contemporary ideology with powerful and multifaceted implications. Reality is frequently not that which is reflecting light to our retina, but that which lies beneath that veneer; it is that substance which I seek to express in my art.' Jerrold left this earth in body April 14, 2009. His essence, through his works, is immortal. A master of realism, his love was in the surreal, that other dimension that expresses what could be, not what is. Prints of his work will be available soon. Peace, my love.

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Frida Kahlo 2003 by Jerrold Carton


Sammie by Jerrold Carton


Ralph by Jerrold Carton


Grandma and Kaidin by Jerrold Carton


Birth of the Scheme by Jerrold Carton


Alexis by Jerrold Carton


Catalya Arrangement by Jerrold Carton


Catalya Orchid by Jerrold Carton


Mandys Toes by Jerrold Carton


Mandy Toes Orange by Jerrold Carton


Oklahoma Girl with Mt.Fuji by Jerrold Carton


Barack Obama by Jerrold Carton


Clematis 2 by Jerrold Carton


Best Buds by Jerrold Carton


Experience of Loss 2004 by Jerrold Carton


Defiant Girl 2004 by Jerrold Carton


Portrait of Jane Doe Representing The Subdued Majority Called Womanhood by Jerrold Carton


Girl With Straw Hat by Jerrold Carton


Fishing On The St.Lawrence River. by Jerrold Carton


The Hostages by Jerrold Carton


Camper At Sunup by Jerrold Carton


Roadway At Fish Creek by Jerrold Carton


Gypsy Girl by Jerrold Carton


Baltimore Cafe by Jean Carton by Jerrold Carton

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