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Jerry Browning

Runnells, IA - United States








Jerry Browning

Runnells, IA - United States

Jerry Browning - Fine Artist

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August 7th, 2009







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'Just found this posting. and everyone is saying 'no problem' Well I have one. What is emotionography? where is it? what pictures are on it? is it to do with FAA? how do I join? how do I brouse the gallery? PS Good promotions always start by giving this info 1st'-

I started in 2009. It's a non-commercial site which is a collaboration of poetry enhanced by artwork mostly from artists on FAA and voice actors from a voice actor's site. The artwork is credited with links to artist's FAA page or wherever else they want the link on their name directed. There's also a credits page with the artists' links. I use a facebook fanpage to keep it out in front of people but don't really push it other than that, It gets about ten thousand hits a month now with very little effort on my part. You'll see me come on here when I've written a new piece trying to see if anyone has artwork that might go well with it. The latest collaboration is A Lovely Flower. Click on the 'Empact Image' to get the intended effect. Thanks for asking, Jerry

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