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Jewel Hengen

Missoula, MT - United States








Jewel Hengen

Missoula, MT - United States

Jewel Hengen - Fine Artist

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About Jewel Hengen

I was raised on a ranch with a lot of land to play on. We had horses,sheep, goats, hogs, beef so us kids had our share of chores to be done. I spent most of my free time with a camera and my horse Bucky. My Dad and I used to go on horseback rides for the pure pleasure of it. Of course there were the spring and fall big cattle drives as well as moving herds to new pastures in between. Time went by and I got married and my husband didn't want to stay on the ranch as he was raised in the city. So every chance I would get to go back home was a real treat. Sadly after my Dad passed away , my mom sold off the stock and most of the land.Life moves on though and while I am no longer married, going back home just isn't the same.Thankfully most of the photographs I composed growing up are still around to remind me of the 'good ol days'. And with new technology photographs have taken a turn for the better as well. New camera styles, anyone remember polaroids?, have made photography fun and enjoyable. I still use my 35mm cameras for some photo shoots but digital cameras are also very useful. I like to have both on hand as you never know what circumstance may present itself. And growing up as I did, I have a deep love for the outdoors. Horseback riding, hiking, fishing, camping, and no I don't need a fancy motorhome to sleep in at night, under the stars is quite nice most nights. The farther away from civilization the better for great wildlife photos. Or the secluded mountain lake is great to take a dip in after a long day of hiking, or riding.
All of my photographs are Copyright protected by Montana Jewels Photography. Images may not be reproduced, downloaded, distributed, transmitted, copied, displayed, published in any form without prior written consent from Jewel Hengen~ Montana Jewels Photography.

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Snowy Lilac by Jewel Hengen


Fall Reflection 2 by Jewel Hengen


Fall on the River by Jewel Hengen


Fall Reflection by Jewel Hengen


Willow by Jewel Hengen


Little Miss by Jewel Hengen


Skalkaho Falls by Jewel Hengen


Cathedral Gorge by Jewel Hengen


America the Beautiful by Jewel Hengen


Blue Bend by Jewel Hengen


Reflections In The Pond by Jewel Hengen


Reflections in the Creek by Jewel Hengen


Lone Survivor by Jewel Hengen


Sunlight Through A Tree by Jewel Hengen


Unbroken Trail by Jewel Hengen


Under the Arch by Jewel Hengen


Frosted Tree by Jewel Hengen


Spot of Fog by Jewel Hengen


Snow Slide by Jewel Hengen


Morning Sun by Jewel Hengen


Tree Shadows by Jewel Hengen


Snow Lake by Jewel Hengen


Passion Pink by Jewel Hengen


Pink Rose by Jewel Hengen

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