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Jill Tennison

Mount Pleasant, SC - United States








Jill Tennison

Mount Pleasant, SC - United States

Jill Tennison - Fine Artist

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About Jill Tennison

I grew up in the piney woods of East Texas outside of the Houston area. I went to kindergarten all the way through college in my little hometown. I met my hubby there too (but he's a big city boy). We moved to Charleston, SC about 15 years ago and have enjoyed raising our two girls in such a beautiful place. I have been interested in making art since I was a little kid. I would fill up sketchbook after sketchbook with all sorts of drawings and make up stories to go with them. As I got older I pursued music and put my visual art aside but really got the fever to paint and draw again over the last 10 years. I paint plein aire around the beaches and marshland of the SC Lowcountry. I also enjoy making digital art as it is less of a mess when I need a creative fix.

I've heard it said 'You can take the girl out of the country but you cant take the country out of the girl.' I guess my small town roots run deep. I love to be in the country around the beauty found in simple things, weathered things. Oh yeah, and horses. Both my girls ride so I spend alot of time in and around barns and stables. I am amazed at the fantastic colors in a huge old Live Oak or Weeping Willow out in the middle of a pasture or hidden in the woods among the scrub pines and brush. Most people can appreciate a grand cathedral filled with murals and stained glass, but I want my art to reflect the beauty of an old country church or a house or old barn with weathered wood and a ton of personality. When you look at my art I want you to have the priveledge of seeing past the old and broken down. An abandoned shack with a broken window and overgrown garden has many stories to tell. If you look closely you will see beauty in the broken.

I choose a subject like old houses, brick or stone walkways, huge antique trees, a piece of driftwood, well worn clothes , a treasured babydoll or ancient graveyard BECAUSE of it's history. Thats what gives it true depth of beauty. Sometimes that history is happy and sometimes it is tragic. Authentic patina is reflected through years of use or years of neglect, building layer upon layer of color and texture. It is a rich and intense 'knowing' that comes from a life well lived. I pray that as you look at my art you will be stirred to reflect on your own history of pleasure, pain, music, dancing, loss, sorrow, joy and celebration.

I also love interesting and surreal colors and really anything funky that catches my eye!! ENJOY!!

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Blue Lamp by Jill Tennison


Lamp by Jill Tennison


Horse by Jill Tennison


Chase's Flower by Jill Tennison


Charleston Hat Lady 2 by Jill Tennison


Charleston Hat Lady by Jill Tennison


Rain 2 by Jill Tennison


Rain by Jill Tennison


Road to Dreams by Jill Tennison


Bales by Jill Tennison


Forgotten Barn by Jill Tennison


The Tortoise and The Hare by Jill Tennison


Hold On by Jill Tennison


Drew and Marie by Jill Tennison


Wreckage by Jill Tennison


Fall River by Jill Tennison


Happy Palm by Jill Tennison


Rustic Rose by Jill Tennison


Ghost of Grandad by Jill Tennison


Shem Creek Dock by Jill Tennison


Diana and the Shrimps by Jill Tennison


Ladies in Blue by Jill Tennison


Quiet Morning on Shem Creek by Jill Tennison


Play with Me by Jill Tennison


Coming Down by Jill Tennison


Up the Stairs on the Left by Jill Tennison


Mystery of the Forest by Jill Tennison


Dreamscape by Jill Tennison


He is Born by Jill Tennison


Vertebrae by Jill Tennison


Mary's Annual Christmas Party by Jill Tennison


Snowman on a Beach Vacation by Jill Tennison


Stairway to Heaven by Jill Tennison


Wait for Me by Jill Tennison


You Paint the Morning Sky by Jill Tennison


The Wave by Jill Tennison


Beach Walk by Jill Tennison


Path to the Sea by Jill Tennison


Lighthouse and the Seagull by Jill Tennison


Great Seats by Jill Tennison


These Boots by Jill Tennison


In the Bosom of Thy God by Jill Tennison


Proud Mom by Jill Tennison


Waiting Patiently by Jill Tennison


Fancy Shadows by Jill Tennison


I stand at the door and knock by Jill Tennison


Gothic Window by Jill Tennison


Tree and Cross by Jill Tennison

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