Jill Parry - Fine Artist

Jill Parry

London - United Kingdom








Jill Parry

London - United Kingdom

Jill Parry - Fine Artist

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About Jill Parry

Born and living in London, U.K. Self-taught. I started to draw at an early age, taught by my Dad. I have only recently resumed after some encouragement to “Pick up those pencils”. I now love working in pencils as I am always looking to capture the finest details and love the wonderful colour combinations that are possible with a steady hand and careful attention.

I have always loved animals and my main passion has always been drawing horses. Recently I have found a new interest and purpose in drawing wildlife, particularly endangered species with a view to support and highlight the need for their preservation and protection.

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Out of the Darkness by Jill Parry


Who gives a fig? by Jill Parry


Into the Light by Jill Parry


Tick tock by Jill Parry


Paralympian Gold by Jill Parry


A Look of Wonder - Baby Gorilla by Jill Parry


Milo - The Barbary Lion by Jill Parry


In Safe Hands - Orang Utans by Jill Parry


The Arm Wrestler - Chimpanzee by Jill Parry


Over The Line by Jill Parry


Bucephalas - horse of Alexander the Great by Jill Parry


White Beauty by Jill Parry


Burning Bright - Siberian Tiger by Jill Parry


Baby Gorilla - Little Djemba by Jill Parry


Hidden in Plain Sight - Clouded leopard by Jill Parry


Sumatran Tiger by Jill Parry


Above the Clouds - Snow Leopard by Jill Parry


UNITED - Western Lowland Gorillas by Jill Parry


I am in Big Trouble by Jill Parry


Sheltered by Jill Parry


It's all in the Close Up by Jill Parry

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   |   Images = 21