Jim Noel - Fine Artist

Jim Noel

Pacific Beach, CA - United States








Jim Noel

Pacific Beach, CA - United States

Jim Noel - Fine Artist

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May 2nd, 2011







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About Jim Noel

My approach to painting is based on feeling the image or subject from the inside. In other words, I try feel my way into the scene, I'm painting, and in essence, be that subject.

Seeing into, as opposed to simply looking at, is an active, demanding process. The more I see, the deeper I go.

The infinite possibilities of color, texture, tone, contrast, movement, present constant challenges. My job is to make something cool out of this chaos.

Like most artists, I am a deeply private person, but the acceptance and enjoyment of my art by other people is really important to me. It is difficult to talk about and write about my work, but I know it's important to reach a wider audience.

To me, painting is a combination of , thinking, feeling, looking, dreaming, all while applying the paint! It feels like time ceases to exist and the ego fades. Art and artist, subject and object, merge. Sometimes it's exhilarating, sometimes exhausting. When a painting comes together and it feels finished,
I am always amazed that I somehow created something new. There are simply no words to describe that.

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Island Sunrise by Jim Noel


Tropical Heat by Jim Noel


Cliffs at Sunset by Jim Noel


Sunset Point by Jim Noel


Sunrise Harbor by Jim Noel


PB Point by Jim Noel


Crystal Sunrise by Jim Noel


Crystal Pier by Jim Noel


Santa Monica by Jim Noel


Del Mar Sunset by Jim Noel


Encinitas Sunrise by Jim Noel


Jetty by Jim Noel


Chalcedony Surf by Jim Noel


Opal Surf reworked finale by Jim Noel


Tourmaline Surf by Jim Noel


Sunset Moonglow by Jim Noel


Rocky Shoreline by Jim Noel


Last Light by Jim Noel


North Shore Oahu by Jim Noel


Linger by Jim Noel


Pink Solstice by Jim Noel


Copper Shore by Jim Noel


Reflections on Mortality by Jim Noel


Day's Ending by Jim Noel

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   |   Images = 24