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Jimi Bush

Chicago, IL - United States








Jimi Bush

Chicago, IL - United States

Jimi Bush - Fine Artist

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About Jimi Bush

Jimi Bush, also known as The Celestial Painter has emerged from the vast unknown to become one of the 21st century’s most prolific and colorful artists. Beginning his art career only a few short years ago in March of 2008, a life changing experience has helped The Celestial Painter to now create over 800 pieces of sheer beauty in almost 7 years.

Born and raised in a small southern Florida town, Jimi’s modest beginnings did not keep him from exploring the world around him. From 1990 to 2014, Jimi traveled around the United States, in “Search for his Kindred Spirit”. Living in such places as New York City, San Francisco, Denver, Louisville, Kalamazoo, Chattanooga, San Diego, Austin Texas and now Chicagoland. Jimi found the world to be new, interesting and vibrant. His birth place, Fort Myers, Florida is finally where he found himself however. Traveling back full circle to the place he was created, and after a serious head injury, the creativity within him was awakened in 2008. Like fresh water bubbling from a mountain spring, colors, shapes and ideas began to emerge onto canvas and create themselves with Jimi as the vessel helping them to their life. One by one the dominoes began to fall and The Celestial Painter is now in full bloom. As Jimi evolves, so does his art.

From “Sorting out Our Differences” to “Blue Sushi”, the ever evolving style of The Celestial Painter has touched the lives of many. Since his first public showing at the prestigious Holiday Inn Palms in historic downtown Ft. Myers The Celestial Painter has provided collectors on six of the seven continents with colorful decorating bliss created under deep contemplative thought. Antarctica is the final frontier to conquer.

His hero is his 14 year old son Austin James Bush who is one kick-ass country boy!

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Just One of the Muster by Jimi Bush


Hungry Eyes by Jimi Bush


Winter Garden by Jimi Bush


Immortal Ancestor by Jimi Bush


Old Town Blues Bar by Jimi Bush


The Gentle Giant by Jimi Bush


Watching his Prey by Jimi Bush


A Wise King by Jimi Bush


Jump Fly Love by Jimi Bush


The Retiree by Jimi Bush


The Landing Zone by Jimi Bush


Freedom in the Skies by Jimi Bush


Last Man Standing by Jimi Bush


Blue Sushi by Jimi Bush


A Nice Pair by Jimi Bush


The Squadron by Jimi Bush


Snack Time by Jimi Bush


Spider Crab by Jimi Bush


Baby Blue by Jimi Bush


Blue Heron 2 by Jimi Bush


Light-n-Fluffy by Jimi Bush


Blue Heron 1 by Jimi Bush


Caught in the Web by Jimi Bush


Henry Ford at the Caloosahatchee by Jimi Bush

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