Jivko Ianev - Fine Artist

Jivko Ianev

Blagoevgrad - Bulgaria








Jivko Ianev

Blagoevgrad - Bulgaria

Jivko Ianev - Fine Artist

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February 8th, 2013







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About Jivko Ianev

I was born in 1954 Bogorodica village .
1979 I was accepted in the art academy in sofia.
At 1980 i won the contest for education in Art academy in saint peterburg-russia,
where i finished my education in 1985.
Since 1986 i live and work in Blagoevgrad as a teacher in
NHHS(national humanitarian high school ) st. st. Kiril and Metodii.
Since 1998 am a member of UBA (Union of Bulgarian Artist).
From 2003 until 2005 I was teaching in art academy in sity of Keryan in Tunisie.
Since 2006 until 2012 i was chairman of UBA for my city Blagoevgrad and the area.

My exhibitions

1995 - Blagoevgrad-Bulgaria.
1997 - Sekesfehervaras in Hungary.
2000 - Sofia-Bulgaria.
2003 - Sofia-Bulgaria.
2006 - Sekesfehervaras in Hungary.
2008 - Plovdiv-Bulgaria.
2012 - Blagoevgrad-Bulgaria.

My Awards

1995 - For oil painting Blagoevgrad-Bulgaria.
1997 - For oil painting Sekesfehervaras in Hungary.
2003 - For oil painting Sofia-Bulgaria.
2008 - For oil painting Plovdiv-Bulgaria.
2008 - For oil painting Blagoevgrad-Bulgaria.
2010 - For oil painting Pleven-Bulgaria.

My international plein air

1988 - Balchik-Bulgaria.
1996 - Sekesfehervaras in Hungary.
1998 - Cuklica in Croatia.
2006 - Sekesfehervaras in Hungary.
2008 - Veles in Macedonia.

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