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JK Dooley

Custer, SD - United States








JK Dooley

Custer, SD - United States

JK Dooley - Fine Artist

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About JK Dooley

Howdy!! Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to contact me for information about other sizes, available pricing and other locations selling my art.

Vibrant colors and intricate details are the hallmark of your favorite cowboy art. From scarred, deep-hued worn leather and faded denim to the sparkle of silver and gold in the sunlight, western images are portrayed with a unique perspective, encouraging you to imagine what lies beyond the borders of paint and paper.

Drawn into the art world at an early age mom, who was also a water colorist, and dad, who truly believed his daughter could do anything, inspired and encouraged.

John Wayne & Gunsmoke influenced, it is no wonder that the main body of this art reflects the ruggedness and colorful way of life that we associate with the Old West. Relocation to the Black Hills of South Dakota has provided more material and inspiration, and buffalo neighbors love to contribute!

Western Horseman Magazine asked the difference between the New West and the Old West. “It isn’t events that have shaped my image of the West, but the spirit of rugged individualism with which everyday events were and are pursued. That rugged spirit remains. “

The people I meet while pursuing my art, “still work very hard, believe in God, love their country and each other.” Although some of their daily chores may have been made simpler by modern technology and better equipment, the values and beliefs that brought people out West in the first place remain solid today.

These same values and beliefs are evident in each painting.

These award-winning watercolors can be found in collections across the United States and in Europe. Rodeos throughout the West contribute lots of subject matter and the dramatic play of light and shadow on saddles, boots, chaps and other cowboy array continually inspire.

I do hope you enjoy viewing (and purchasing!) my art...I know you understand it is illegal to reproduce my images in any shape, manner or form without my written consent. Please don't steal my stuff.

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   |   Images = 44