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JM Nicholson

Ridgefield, WA - United States








JM Nicholson

Ridgefield, WA - United States

JM Nicholson - Fine Artist

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About JM Nicholson

Specializing in nature and landscape fine art photography from the beautiful Pacific Northwest region of the United States!

All of my life I have been awestruck by the virtually indescribable beauty of the world we live in. Wherever I have had the opportunity to live or to travel, I have been deeply impressed by the wonders of creation--from the tiniest, often unnoticed features to the dominating, jaw-dropping monuments and everything in between.

When I was a little kid, I captured memories of those wonders on my very own 110 cartridge camera with magicubes! I can still remember the agony of waiting on the film processing only to discover just how many of my 12-24 exposures turned out blurry, over-exposed, under-exposed, etc., etc.

I know my early years with film taught me many valuable lessons that I carry around in this age of the digital image. I still find myself discriminating very tediously over my subjects, compositions, light, exposure settings, etc.--trying to get just the right shot. One might understand why few have the patience to tag along with me while I'm out shooting.

I am definitely an amateur photographer--that is to say, I have no formal training and photography doesn't pay my bills. That's okay. I happen to love my 'day job' anyway. Nevertheless, I enjoy my 'hobby' very much and I am pleased to share samples from my collection of wonders with all who may appreciate them. Sales, as you might have guessed, contribute to the expansion of my gear and help cover the costs of getting out there.

Of course, your comments on the images are always welcome and feel free to send me an email if you have any other questions or comments in general. Thank you for stopping by.


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Water Drop by Jm Nicholson


Trillium by Jm Nicholson


Avalanche Lilies by Jm Nicholson


Daisy in the Morning by Jm Nicholson


Roadside Daisies by Jm Nicholson


Hay Tools at Sunrise by Jm Nicholson


Columbia Tiger Lily by Jm Nicholson


Lowest Tier of Sahalie Falls by Jm Nicholson


Picnic Table Leaves by Jm Nicholson


Leaf in Runoff by Jm Nicholson


Multnomah Falls by Jm Nicholson


Forest Floor by Jm Nicholson


Morning Birch by Jm Nicholson


Lower Falls by Jm Nicholson

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