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JnD Designz

Baltimore, MD - United States

JnD Designz - Fine Artist

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About JnD Designz

J&D Designs was creatively developed by Devrryn Jenkins & Justin Chase in 2009. The creators came together after years of friendship because of a common interest in thought provoking, story-telling artwork. Through this they decided to take an uncommon route by teaming up and using their unique styles to develop artwork that told a story about the lives they have lead and of those they observe around them.

Justin Chase has refers to his style as 'Urban Art', an approach to artistic expression that develops an atmospheric level of detail while immersing you in a world of colors. All of the work is colored with various basic color pencils and completed with household items for different effects. The concept of 'Urban Art' is like the urban environment. You have a diverse set of people, shops and cultures all mixed in together. From the initial glance it appears to be chaos, until you take the time to analyze and realize how it all comes together. On the other hand while Devrryn Jenkins uses his artwork to convey a similar message he chooses what he describes as a 'minimalistic and typographic approach', which is to say using a little to say a lot. This is still accomplished while adding his personal touch of detail and design.

With that being said, they developed 100% of their concepts and designs by hand using nothing more than graphite pencils, color pencils and various markers. Everyone is an artist in one way or another, these individuals have decided that together they have a greater chance of giving birth to a new ideology rooted in the belief that beyond physical being only two aspects of life remain, the knowledge you gain and pass on, and the soul you harbor until death. Giving birth to their mantra.....Knowledge & Soul

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'No ideas original, there's nothing new under the sun, its never what you do but how it's done'

WE aren't FINE ARTIST, but artist in every way. Lots of LOVE for ALL artist of any style, all around the WORLD!!!!

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