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Djl Leclerc

Gatineau, QC - Canada








Djl Leclerc

Gatineau, QC - Canada

Djl Leclerc - Fine Artist

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June 11th, 2009







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About Djl Leclerc

I am an artist in many ways, I always create and I am never out of ideas to keep me going.

I am at home and really have to keep me busy and I do so!

I have a few hobbies but my primary one is Dog Show, I have been breeding and showing Collies since 1979. I am also at this moment writing a book.

I have been a producing artist for over 30 years, starting out with sculpture and pottery in school.

I know paint do stained glass, jewel, photographs work and sometime I used mixed media . . . and now and then, greeting cards!

I have become known primarily for my painting work watercolour and acrylic; all of my originals are available as prints and as greetings cards.

Joining Fine Arts America has led me to pull out some of my painting and to do more artworks. I really enjoy being around all these very good artist!

I have fun with my work, and my real interest in mix media and texture. I hope that you enjoy my art, and I would love to hear from you with any comments or questions.

Note cards can be made available for gifts, fund raising, raffles or just for your own interest.

Contact me directly on this and I can arrange price for your special project.

Artist Specialties:

Watercolour and mixed media painting

Photographs and digital art

On demand stained glass art, stained glass is very expensive and I do pieces only on demand.

I can also do when time is available a group of stained glass for different organisations for gifts or winning prizes!

This creation world keeps my mind interested and also very occupied.

I am also preparing complete Collies (10 to 15 artworks of different size on canvas) black and white pictures exposition.

My goal is to be able to present it at a collies specialty show.

It would be a appropriate place to reach interested peoples and also to have them take a look at different art pieces.

If you have any comment that could help me I would really appreciate.

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Danse by Djl Leclerc


Fluid by Djl Leclerc


Belle Watercolor by Djl Leclerc


Peaches Watercolor by Djl Leclerc


Catails WATERCOLOR by Djl Leclerc


Dusk by Djl Leclerc


Bluewater by Djl Leclerc


Colors by Djl Leclerc


Calm by Djl Leclerc


Lunar by Djl Leclerc


Maia by Djl Leclerc


It takes two to tango by Djl Leclerc


Cali by Djl Leclerc


Blue Puppy by Djl Leclerc


Pas de deux by Djl Leclerc


Portrait by Djl Leclerc


Reunion de famille by Djl Leclerc


Expecting by Djl Leclerc


Fleur by Djl Leclerc


Mistic by Djl Leclerc


Fly by Djl Leclerc



En Famille by Djl Leclerc


Bouquet by Djl Leclerc


November by Djl Leclerc

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