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Jocelyn Ball

Whitby, Ontario - Canada








Jocelyn Ball

Whitby, Ontario - Canada

Jocelyn Ball - Fine Artist

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March 22nd, 2012







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About Jocelyn Ball

Welcome to my gallery of personal photographic images. Formerly a commissioned portrait painter, I have focused my artistic pursuits more towards photography in the last little while. Both as a painter and photographer, I am drawn to unusual light, reflection, shadow, and texture and realism.
I live in eastern Ontario, Canada, near Lake Ontario, where there is always abundant inspiration and always something new and amazing to see on every walk. I am the mother of 2 almost grown children. I work outside the home in the business world as well as maintaining my connection to the art world through continuous photography and some drawing.

Please feel free to touch base if ever there is any questions regarding my photographs. My artwork can be found via my blog on Blogger called 'Tidbits of Life in Photography, Art and Word'.


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Weeping Willows in Silhouette by Jocelyn Ball


Orange Millefiori Zigzag Boho Pattern by Jocelyn Ball


Moody Antique Sepia Shoreline Landscape by Jocelyn Ball


Macro Beach Stones Evening Setting Sunlight by Jocelyn Ball


Single Dandelion Gone to Seed Black and White Modern Minimalist by Jocelyn Ball


Primitive Woven Stripes Blend Overlap by Jocelyn Ball


Rusty Orange Red Yellow Textured Plaid Heart Pattern by Jocelyn Ball


Corn Flower Yellow Gold Plaid Stripe Embossed Hearts by Jocelyn Ball


Owl Heart Branches Overlay and Texture Collage by Jocelyn Ball


Seagulls in a Row on Dead Log by Jocelyn Ball


Black Capped Chickadee on Branch by Jocelyn Ball


Wavy Free Form Overlapping Geometric Shapes Silver Black White by Jocelyn Ball


White Poppies in Sunlight by Jocelyn Ball


Fallen Leaf and Fungi on Wood by Jocelyn Ball


Organic Wild Cucumber Graphic Shapes Turquoise Brown by Jocelyn Ball


Burgundy and Gold Fall Leaves Textured Gingham Pattern by Jocelyn Ball


Pop Art Rose Pink and Black Zebra Stripe by Jocelyn Ball


Distressed Burnt Drift Wood Pink Brown Black Orange by Jocelyn Ball


Black and White Plaid Stripes with Hearts by Jocelyn Ball


Organic Wild Cucumber Graphic Shapes Grey Brown White by Jocelyn Ball


Boho South Western Millefiori Zig Zag Pattern by Jocelyn Ball


The Pink Balloon by Jocelyn Ball


Organic Ink Stain Texture Boho by Jocelyn Ball


Purple Iris Zebra Stripe Texture Pattern Mashup by Jocelyn Ball


Geometric Abstract Gradient Harvest Colors by Jocelyn Ball


Sarcasm Why Question Text Design Black and White by Jocelyn Ball


Quilt Texture Stained Glass Tile Pattern Cranberry Red by Jocelyn Ball


Curly Railing Shapes on Plaster Wall Texture Neutral Colors by Jocelyn Ball


Gold Art Deco Style Bubble Circles on Gold by Jocelyn Ball


Because Black and White Radial Blue Text Design by Jocelyn Ball


Rusty Barbed Wire Nuclear Sky by Jocelyn Ball


Solid Tiled Stripes Grey Black White Butter Yellow by Jocelyn Ball


3D Graffiti Urban Brain Freeze Purple by Jocelyn Ball


Wavy Organic Green Gold Grey Hippie Chevron Shapes by Jocelyn Ball


Brushed Gold and Raspberry Red Pink Horizontal Stripes by Jocelyn Ball


Graphic Red Rose on Dove Grey by Jocelyn Ball


Daisy Leopard Print Texture and Gradient Pattern Mash Up by Jocelyn Ball


Retro Art Deco Influenced Button Circle Pattern by Jocelyn Ball


Abstract Tribal Wavy Lines Red Black Turquoise by Jocelyn Ball


Caramel Ice Crackle Texture Pattern by Jocelyn Ball


Texture Stone Wall Vine Shadow Ripped Edge by Jocelyn Ball


Geometric Shapes Outlines Turquoise Chocolate Brown by Jocelyn Ball


Stripes Grey Blue Faux Wood Grain by Jocelyn Ball


Zebra Print and Rose Mash Up by Jocelyn Ball


Black and White Outlined Geometric Shapes by Jocelyn Ball


Bee Hovering Over Pink Flowers by Jocelyn Ball


Rainbow Colors and Black Zebra Stripe Pattern by Jocelyn Ball


Grey and Acid Yellow Green Geometric Shapes with Outlines by Jocelyn Ball

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   |   Images = 262




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