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Joe Dragt

Tempe, AZ - United States








Joe Dragt

Tempe, AZ - United States

Joe Dragt - Fine Artist

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About Joe Dragt

my name is joe. i'm a simple laid back guy that has a passion for design and art. have been doing professional graphic and web design since 2000. prior to being a professional, i attended the van buren technology center in lawrence michigan for two years (1996-1998) where i became certified in commercial art. immediately after certification, i enrolled into al collins graphic design school (currently called collins college) located in tempe arizona where i attended for the following two years (1998-2000) and received my associates of arts degree in visual communication. i never really had any formal education in traditional art. ever since i could pick up a crayon, i have been teaching myself how to draw, paint, etc.. with each passing day, my skill sets in graphic/web design and art continue to grow in leaps and bounds. i always strive to find new ways of doing things (though still keeping in mind with 'what works') to become more proficient and to keep giving my clients the best product possible within their budget. i work best when the client gives me full control of the design project and does not input too many of their 'visions'. i feel you will get a much better product when the designer is having 'fun' with your project.

in a nutshell....i do stuff!

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