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Joe Triano

Medford, NJ - United States








Joe Triano

Medford, NJ - United States

Joe Triano - Fine Artist

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About Joe Triano


I was born on March 5 to a working class family in Harrison, New Jersey not far from the city of Newark. My art education was largely informal, and began on my twelfth birthday when I was given a monograph book chronicling the life of Vincent Van Gogh; in later years, I would study under the tutelage of renowned artists Taylor Oughton and Vernon Wood.

In my work I allow the painting to guide me. The colors I employ are dictated by the piece itself, as it comes to 'life.' I believe that my use of color is directly related to the manner in which van Gogh organized his palette, that is, without restriction. I find it impossible to explain my deep-seeded passion for the plight of the American Indian, during the mid to late nineteenth century, at a time when America was caught in a painful period of growth, expanding westward. Though my kinship with the Native American is a mystery to me, I know one thing for certain: I did not chose my subject, instead, it chose me.

I hope to inspire the viewers of my work to form a lasting relationship with the subject of each painting.

All paintings/images on this website are NOT public domain, they all are the exclusive property of Joe Triano the artist. All paintings are protected by (c) copyright and the International copyright laws. All images/paintings can NOT be downloaded,copied,reproduced, manipulated or used in any way or form without the written authorization and permission of 'Joe Triano' the artist.

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Brood Mare and Stallion by Joe Triano


The Fisherman by Joe Triano


Guardian Of The Ancient Lands by Joe Triano


Late Afternoon in Navajo Lands by Joe Triano


Owner Of Many Coup by Joe Triano


Breaking Cover - Hardwood Forest Grizzly by Joe Triano


Battle Tested Bull Moose by Joe Triano


In The Company of My Ancestors by Joe Triano


Between Two Worlds by Joe Triano


On Vital Ground Grizzly by Joe Triano


What Else Must I Be by Joe Triano


Just Curious by Joe Triano


Comanche by Joe Triano


Searching the High Country - Coyote by Joe Triano


Vanishing Race by Joe Triano


Twenty Below Bison by Joe Triano


When The White Buffalo Woman First Appeared by Joe Triano


Attitude Is Everything by Joe Triano


Sweet Liberty - Foxes by Joe Triano


Generations by Joe Triano


All That I Am by Joe Triano


A Close Encounter in Yellowstone by Joe Triano


Grizzly At Sunset by Joe Triano


Where Eagles Soar by Joe Triano

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   |   Images = 136





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