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Johane Amirault

San Jose, CA - United States








Johane Amirault

San Jose, CA - United States

Johane Amirault - Fine Artist

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About Johane Amirault

I paint to express my love to my children, family and friends, to express my excitement for life and its abundance. I paint to express my happiness and my sorrows.

I paint intuitively, but every painting has a story; a story that overflows with emotions. One day I paint flowers blooming and dancing for my mother, for a sick friend who has cancer or sometimes just to say hello to the world! Another day, I paint the ocean, its extreme beauty and complexity, its abundance and its harmony. And when I paint the figure, I ponder on who we are; I ponder on our complex emotions.

In the process of painting intuitively, I venture into a world of extraordinary discoveries, and one of these discoveries is whatever my feelings of the moment are, happiness or sorrow, I paint vibrant and colorful paintings full of life and excitement! I surrender to the process. It’s liberating, and secretly I choose to believe that perhaps I am sending all this creative energy to the world, to heal and to inspire. Silently, this energy will ripple upon all of us, just like the flapping of a butterfly’ wings from far away.

Johane Amirault, Contemporary Artist
San Francisco Bay

Johane, just as many of us if not all of us sees life as polarity -- two opposite emotions that can exist simultaneously taking their turn in being dominant and dormant as life presents itself.   However, Johane always manages to paint them with vibrant colors and unique brush strokes.  She has a technique of layering the paint on canvas as us humans have a way of layering our experiences good and bad to become who we are.  Who we are today can be different from who we will be tomorrow.  Just as one painting is different than the next painting she creates.
As you get to know Johane, you will recognize a theme in all her paintings.  Theme seem to always revolve around her love for children and the people in her life – friends and family.   Johane is a true example of someone who has all the three dimensions of her being connected – her mind, body and soul.  When she paints, they all are aligned within her to bring the best of her out of her being and on the canvas for the world to enjoy, to reflect and to ponder.  Johane is also someone I personally admire because she has an ability to turn dark part of life into something with light, something with colors to remind us all that it is a wonderful, colorful world we live in and how we can impact that positively.   The depth she creates with technique she uses has many layers of simplicity and complexity, dark and light, sad and happy, positive and negative but the final layer is always a layer of optimism and of positive energy.   The final layer of positive energy is her way of spreading the energy that she feels towards being alive, being able to do what she loves and spreading it like star dust all over this world.  Here is a poem that I believe is perfect reflection of Johane.
My Art is the hide-and-seek

Between my soul’s illuminating smiles

And my heart’s streaming tears.
-          Sir Chinmoy

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Serenity by Johane Amirault


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Spring by Johane Amirault


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In Full Bloom 2 by Johane Amirault


In Full Bloom by Johane Amirault


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Unrestricted Heart Three by Johane Amirault


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Happy Holidays Red and Gold wishing Stars by Johane Amirault


Abstract Painting of a Red Apple by Johane Amirault


For You Heart 2 by Johane Amirault


Did I Tell You I Love You? by Johane Amirault


Love Land Sky by Johane Amirault


Love Land and Sky by Johane Amirault


Colorful Teen I hear the Music by Johane Amirault


Colorful Teen 2 by Johane Amirault

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