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About JoHaley Studio

To all the people who stopped by to see my paintings and photography over the years, thank you so much. I have deleted all my artwork, one by one as I've never been comfortable here. Not only did I put countless hours of brushstrokes in each and every painting, I put a lot of time into posting the work I had on here.

I recently participated in a discussion about 'throw pillows' and came across some arrogant individuals,but one in particular used my 'discussion' post not only to advertise / promote his website (digital work, not paintings) he made attempts to cut me down by saying nobody's work was special enough just to be seen on people's walls, etc. Well, any painter could say that there are thousands of brushstrokes in EACH paintings and even if it's rewarding to see that our art stirs emotions, nobody realizes how physically demanding painting is. A passion which causes (me) backaches and it takes a lot from within. All worth it of course. Yes, every painters' work is special. Sorry, but they (we) put everything we have into our work.

Had I wanted to taken the easy way 'up' or out, I would sit at the computer and just fiddle faddle with my photographs and turn them to digital which personally is NOT art. And the individual who tried to knock me down seems to think his work is art. Those who don't know better think he's good, in fact all he does is digital and 'he' says people think he paints? Excuse me but digital work does NOT look like paintings at all. Artist painters and actual photographers can tell the difference between oil, acrylic and watercolour. We painters should not be insulted by digital prints. You see, when somebody has hundreds of digital pictures, it makes you wonder where they would have taken all of those pictures in order to be able to play with them. (Digital) I would say that the images we're probably....

Anyway, after seeing my discussion, somebody emailed me this link and this is why I removed every picture, one by one. It was also brought to my attention (after I replied to the nicer people who respect others) that some of my work wasn't even WATERMARKED which made my or other unsuspecting artists' perfect targets for thieves, 'like him'. I was warned. I don't know if he's a thief, but I know there are a lot of artwork thieves out there. This particular M. tries to tell artists about larger picture not always being available by artists, especially if they're bordered.. Why would it matter anyway? (Rethorical question) Would it me easier to steal and turn it to digital?

So, M. (you know who you are; you've advertised your name four times too many in my discussion) . thank you for showing me that a some foul mouthed individuals hang around here. Thank God, less than more. I think you're an insecure individual and it was also brought to my attention that all you do is go from one discussion to another to insult or question artists' good judgment or talent. And your digital stuff (I'm almost sorry to say) is not special nor interesting. It's fake images likely stolen from great artists; that's too bad. You'd have to be 300 years old to have shot that many pictures...

I will keep in touch with friends I made here via social medias.

Months ago, I was offered to have my work displayed in local gallery but I was too afraid to step up. Not anymore. All we need sometimes is to believe in ourselves more. :)

Thank you Steve G (Art Collector / fan :) ) for getting in touch with me to warn me and for sending me the link I will post at the bottom.

To the many 'hits' I got from Kiez Germany, Beverly Hills, New York and the Soviet Union, and Elzbieta (Betty) Pieper thank you so much for coming back time after time. Betty, you're a sweetheart, We;ll keep in touch and keep painting. xoxo

I will not post any work here ever again. My membership has not expired and I'd rather give this site money than attempt making some or getting my work stolen. It may be too late as we live and learn.

If my account gets deactivated, well so be it. I don't care. My hard work is somewhere safe, filed and documented not to mention I took videos of my work here just in case I may need it someday.

To all of those who have doubts, please check out the link a friend sent to me. There are many like these. It's sad. And scary, so...I'm gone!

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