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John Glass

Lake Charles, LA - United States








John Glass

Lake Charles, LA - United States

John Glass - Fine Artist

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October 28th, 2012







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About John Glass

Being 'raised country' just outside of Austin, Texas, I like to take my camera back out into the fields, backwoods and along two lanes roads that I grew up in, or traveled on over the years.

What we have been given to see, we tend to pass by to quickly to notice. My 'pause and look' shots, I hope, can bring back some memories of good times for you. If maybe you've never been 'there', then possibly they will encourage you to go find your own on what we like to call going on a 'Camera Safari'.

I also have the urge to write. That does not mean I am good at writing just that I am compelled to write. I have a blog site 'Raised Country, Raised Right.' If they are read, I hope they help you to understand what growing up on a ranch in the 50's and 60's was like. But more then anything I guess it's my best way and excuse (smile) to explain why and what I have become over the years.

Either way, enjoy.

All Photography, Captions, or Original Poetry contained within this Portfolio are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without prior approval of the Artist.

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