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John Keaton

Boothwyn, PA - United States








John Keaton

Boothwyn, PA - United States

John Keaton - Fine Artist

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October 7th, 2007







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About John Keaton

Art is The Noblest of Pursuits:

True Art refreshes the mind, stimulates the senses, and invigorates the soul of mankind !

True Art is a manifestation of the Human Spirit in a search for a higher conscious. In itís highest form it is a vital, moving and inspirational force. An artist is an architect and builder of dreams into reality. The goal of my work is to be a vessel , a channel and a medium to elaborate and transmit the energy of life and the human experience and rise above circumstance and situation by imparting a visual spirituality that is both relative and timeless.
Life is a gift from God above. All that surrounds us and brings us joy and comfort is part of that gift. To be an artist is to concentrate on that joy and exploration and to perpetuate those very human emotions and make them real to others. Art is the link between understanding and being. It is man reaching for the superlative in a world of chaos and evil. The light and the darkness are in the hands of the artist, who knows them well and chooses between the two.

All work contained herein are copyright protected by John Keaton and may not be used without my permission.

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Teal Jewel Mohawk Sun by John Keaton


Sun and Moon Ensemble by John Keaton


Ronald Reagan by John Keaton


Medusa Design by John Keaton


Paris Girls by John Keaton


A Lesson In Symmetry by John Keaton


Leo The Lion by John Keaton


The Peace Offering by John Keaton


Winefields by John Keaton


Native American Pride by John Keaton


Gorilla by John Keaton


Elephant Pattern by John Keaton


Wedding Invitation Border by John Keaton


American Spirit by John Keaton


The Sun Always Shines by John Keaton


Parfait Trio by John Keaton


Antique Shop by John Keaton


Maya 1 by John Keaton


Maya 2 by John Keaton


Maya 3 by John Keaton


Alicia and Lee by John Keaton


White Orchid 2 by John Keaton


Dove Patterns by John Keaton


Tapestry 1985 by John Keaton

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