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John Lyes - Fine Artist

John Lyes

Vancouver, BC - Canada








John Lyes

Vancouver, BC - Canada

John Lyes - Fine Artist

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July 5th, 2010







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About John Lyes

An accomplished and successful writer & artist, John has been creating visuals that span several genres, from cartooning to political panels, and many variations of abstracts, fine art drawing and finger-painting both in his youth and today where the impact of his talents can be seen to stir, amuse and shock. Emerging from an artistic background that resides in his family, John has taken to new forms of abstract and continues to pull resources from inspiring masters such as Gustav Klimt and Matisse to Van Gogh and Salvador Dali, painting works on canvas, paper and board.

His 'Cafe Art' series hangs in coffee shops and on the walls of many admirers as does the 'Chair' series in which has garnered praise from discerning collectors everywhere. Though most of his artwork remains unseen, private commissions and print work are often sacrificed for moments of rapid splashes of paint under the intoxicating guise of transcendental genius and expression.

Artwork is available for posters, promotional tools, book covers.

Currently John lives on the West Coast with his wife, Carol, an artist/writer & scientist in her own right.

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Man Sitting in Chair by John Lyes


Spirit Eagle by John Lyes


Pyewacket by John Lyes


Psychiatrist Sitting in Chair Studying Spider's Reaction by John Lyes


Two Gentlemen Sitting in Wingback Chairs at Private Club by John Lyes


Languid Lady in a Chair Brooding Over Poetry by John Lyes


Ad Man Sitting in an Eames with Girl Friday by John Lyes


St. Nicholas Sitting in a Chair on Christmas Eve by John Lyes


Mallory Christmas by John Lyes


Gentleman Sitting in Wingback Chair Enjoying a Brandy by John Lyes


Sexy Starlet Sitting in Chair with Dashing Debonaire Date by John Lyes


Woman Reclined in Chair by John Lyes


Woman Sitting in Chair Surrounded by Female Spirits by John Lyes


Man Sitting in Chair Contemplating Chess with a Bird by John Lyes


Jazz by John Lyes


Businessman Sitting in Chair by John Lyes


Sexy Woman Sitting in a Chair at a Nightclub by John Lyes


Mad Men in Silhouette by John Lyes


Mad Men in Silhouette #2 by John Lyes


Mad Men Disintegration of Don Draper by John Lyes


Mad Men Falling Man by John Lyes


Businessman Sitting in Chair Reading a Newspaper by John Lyes


Charlie Brown Sitting in a Chair by John Lyes


Mad Men in Technicolor by John Lyes


Ad Man Sitting in Chair Steadily Watching Coffee Girl by John Lyes


Modern Businessman Sitting in Chair by John Lyes


Businesswoman Sitting in Chair by John Lyes


Rock Star Sitting in Chair Served a Sundae by Butler by John Lyes


Nude Woman Sitting in Chair with Brandy by John Lyes


Magic's Room by John Lyes


Man in Chair 2 by John Lyes


Constellation Businessman Served Martini by Sexy Stewardess by John Lyes


Sexy Cowgirl Sitting on a Chair at High Noon by John Lyes


Cowboy Sitting in Chair at Sundown by John Lyes


Morning with the Cats While Sitting in Chairs by John Lyes


Teen Sitting in Chair Enjoying a Brandy in Father's Den by John Lyes


31 Matchless Silverhawk by John Lyes


Supernatural by John Lyes


Moonrise Over Sedona by John Lyes


Tardis by John Lyes


White Cloud by John Lyes


Picasso-esque Nude Woman in Chair by John Lyes


West Coast Dream by John Lyes


Rocky Mountains by John Lyes


A Prairie Sky by John Lyes


Rideau Canal Winterlude by John Lyes


Peggy's Cove by John Lyes


Mona Lisa with ipad by John Lyes

Images = 65




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