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John McArthur

Steamboat Springs, CO - United States








John McArthur

Steamboat Springs, CO - United States

John McArthur - Fine Artist

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About John McArthur

I am a fine art and nature photographer currently living near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I have lived in the area for the past twenty years and still love the many photo opportunities the western United States offer. From our home I have easy access to the Mount Zirkel Wilderness, multiple mountain ranges such as the Snowy, the Never Summer, the Gore, and thousands of acres of national forest and the high desert of western Colorado and southern Wyoming. We are also close to the fantastic desert landscapes of Moab, Utah. I often spend my weekends traveling through the Rocky Mountain region and the high-desert areas that surround me. I started the website to promote my photography and provide income to support my travels. Please stop by my website to see the collection of selected images. I have another website at Fine Art America to further promote my work. I grew up in southeastern Kentucky before I joined the United States Navy. I developed a deep love for the natural world and still love the look of mist covered hills and the colors of hardwoods in the fall. Living in a coal mining town, I also developed a keen interest in machinery, particularly old machinery. My early life was quite a dichotomy - love of nature juxtaposed with destruction of the land for it's resources. Once in the Navy I was fortunate enough to live in some truly beautiful tropical locales. I lived on the tiny island of Yap, in Micronesia for nearly a year. The cultural immersion and remote location gave me a deep understanding of how we must work together to achieve true happiness and that the simple pleasures of life are the most important ones. This was a truly unspoiled paradise. I also lived in Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Honduras, the Aleutian Islands off of Alaska, and various other interesting places. While living on the harsh and remote island of Adak I learned that life is what YOU make of it. I believe these experiences had a strong impact on my photographic vision as well as my global outlook on life.

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