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John Mabry

Redondo Beach, CA - United States








John Mabry

Redondo Beach, CA - United States

John Mabry - Fine Artist

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About John Mabry

I formally began my Art education at age 22. Newly married, I attended a Southern California junior college (L.A. Valley College), and did a great deal of drafting and drawing during those two years. Armed with an, I applied and won a full scholarship to attend Disney's California Institute of the Arts, earning my B.F.A while I made my living as an artist, making artwork --first as a sculptor showing work in various galleries, then as a graphic designer and frequent photographer for advertising firms. As it would happen, my previous study of photography and working as a film technician for Technicolor Labs in Hollywood, served me well and proved to be a strong component of my visual literacy, as well as providing badly needed financial support during those 'early' years!

I opened a small studio in sculptural work and sold my designs worldwide for over a decade--with the help of marketing representatives. I tried pottery-making for a short time, got bored and free-lanced around L.A. Frustrated, I shopped my portfolio and book, then happily landed a professional position working for a City, in 1990, in their Community Development department. I became their newly created 'Graphics/Marketing Coordinator.' I rapidly had to set-up shop from scratch, fully outfit a Mac-based graphic production office. I first set to work, redesigning the vintage City Seal and Logo of 'the azalea city.' I did dozens of multi-media architectural visualizations, photographic slide presentations, and worked with incoming developers' mall design projects. I created a monthly magazine and designed posters, engineered new illuminated street signs, designed and engineered safe entry/exit street monuments, commissioned painted murals, proposed various architectural and way-finding signage projects, drafted a new police identity and city vehicle markings, and established the city's new 'municipal identity' within Los Angeles County. My position was commissioned to design a variety of visual street beautification projects, original street furniture, banners and billboards, as well the daunting task of reviving the once-popular Santa Claus Parade, shown on KTTV nationally. Once again, the parade became a grand annual event for the Council and Administration. With the help of participants, a few famous personalities and costumed Disney characters, the Annual Christmas Parade tradition, became a resounding success. In all, my work as a bureaucrat, artist, graphic designer, civil engineer and civil servant, provided the city with more than a decade of art direction and industrial, environmental and graphic design. In 2001, the City Council invited me to accept an urban planning position before my semi-retirement in 2005.

I'm self-taught as a watercolorist and feel deeply gratified for having successfully marketed myself in the arts and am blessed to be able to presently enjoy painting in my studio at home. I thank the Lord for his abundant gracious gifts, and by his grace, helping me to bring beauty into my personal created images....everything from drawings and portraits to plein-aire landscapes.

Posted here on FAA, are a couple-dozen of my photo images and paintings which are not only a subjective translation of what I see, but an outward emotional expression of how I choose to portray the world. Many of my outdoor subjects are painted, on-site, using the highest grade watercolors along with the finest European-fabricated papers--ALL built for ultimate color-fastness and extreme longevity.

If you have any questions regarding FAA's print-on-demand services, remember, all prints by FAA are GUARANTEED SATISFACTION or you'll be fully refunded if dissatisfied. Thanks very much for visiting my gallery of paintings here on FAA! I'm continually adding new ones, so please check back every couple of weeks to see my latest work and feel free to comment. Stay heathy and keep painting everyone!

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