Joseph Ogle - Fine Artist

Joseph Ogle

Essex, Md - United States








Joseph Ogle

Essex, Md - United States

Joseph Ogle - Fine Artist

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January 29th, 2007







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About Joseph Ogle

A self taught artist with a passion for portraiture and creating art revolving around the female form.

I'm asked quite often 'why do i only do women and most of the time naked?'...........
Simply put, they inspire. To me nothing is more powerful, graceful, sensual, compelling and beautiful than the female form. The pose of the model strikes me the most. Men are to square and hard in form, where women are sutle, softer, while being able to show strength at the same time. Other subject matter do inspire, but not the way the female form does. I've grown to have a greater appreciation for the female form, not something to be stared at or even ogled but admired and appreciated and held aloft. When I see something that stops me in my tracks and compels me to recreate it, I do...

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The artist is available for commissions. Single to multiple family members, to include the family pet(s). Head and shoulders to full length. Portraits of special occassions, weddings, anniversaries, intimate portraits, stages of pregnancies, births, graduations, etc. Portraits can be done from photos. For information on pricing and details please contact the artist.

Paypal is now available for purchasing of art.

Please contact the artist with any inquiries.

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