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Joy Tudor

Malakoff, TX - United States








Joy Tudor

Malakoff, TX - United States

Joy Tudor - Fine Artist

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Welcome to my art site! Be advised the water mark (Fine Art America) at the bottom right corner on my photos WILLNOT be on your purchased item.

I've always enjoyed making photographs of outdoor scenery, animals, flowers and portraits of family and friends since I was sixteen, but never knew it was my passion. At 47, I enjoyed a semester at Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Texas I took Photography I class along with the young'uns, while they were studying Photo/Journalism. The Photography I class was photographing/developing film in black & white. I found how exciting the dark room was, developing my own photos and seeing them come to life on paper is pure joy. I would stay in the dark room working so long, my teacher would tell me it was time to go home. He described me as being anal, but in a good way. I wanted the perfect look.
I then took Photo II class, digital photography, which was very excting, learning something new.
I have alot of passion for my work and want the best I can give and get. Finding the unexpected is what gets my juices flowing. I love to see things that are not normally there. Using the imagintation is key to making great photos.
I am a Texas girl with a big Texas heart ready to make my next best shot. I look forward to meeting new friends along this journey, so give me a shout if we cross paths.

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Hello Anybody Out There by Joy Tudor


Tree Dancing by Joy Tudor


Go With Flow by Joy Tudor


Flower Blues by Joy Tudor


Red Tin Roof by Joy Tudor


Unseen In Between by Joy Tudor


Old Unloading Dock by Joy Tudor


Ruff Ruff Water by Joy Tudor


Red Old Coat by Joy Tudor


Foggy Swamps by Joy Tudor


She Loves Yellow by Joy Tudor


Blooming Iris Beauty by Joy Tudor


Historic Red Doors by Joy Tudor


Peek-A-Bluebonnet by Joy Tudor


Head Disguise by Joy Tudor


Sistine Chapel Umbrella by Joy Tudor


Grandmas Dixie Dogwood by Joy Tudor


Night Fog by Joy Tudor


Cheerie O by Joy Tudor


Palm Pup by Joy Tudor


Ghost Rider by Joy Tudor


1954 Chevy Bel Air by Joy Tudor


Rolls Royce by Joy Tudor


Chevy Bird Style Hood Ornament by Joy Tudor


Rolls Royce Spirit Of Ecstasy by Joy Tudor


Peace Maker by Joy Tudor


Fall Sunset by Joy Tudor


Little Razor Burn by Joy Tudor


Jack Nose by Joy Tudor


Beauty Of Ruins by Joy Tudor


Window Jazz by Joy Tudor


Shady View by Joy Tudor


Who ME by Joy Tudor


Sunset Strip by Joy Tudor


Snake Creek by Joy Tudor


Big Red Coat by Joy Tudor


Ride The Rail by Joy Tudor


At Rest by Joy Tudor


Smokehouse by Joy Tudor


Old Smokehouse by Joy Tudor


Vines That Bind by Joy Tudor


Open House Concept by Joy Tudor


Through Bushes by Joy Tudor


Welcome Home by Joy Tudor


Barn Windowbox by Joy Tudor


Bath Weight Limit by Joy Tudor


Sitting Around by Joy Tudor


Bobblehead Tree by Joy Tudor

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