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Joyce Hutchinson

Jacksonville, FL - United States








Joyce Hutchinson

Jacksonville, FL - United States

Joyce Hutchinson - Fine Artist

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About Joyce Hutchinson

The natural life around me has a way of tickling my eyes and touching my soul. Nature, in particular flowers along with color and light all have the elements I need to create my images and writings. I love to draw, paint and photograph images of what I think are beautiful subjects many long to see. Subjects that can be turned into the kind of art that emulates what I am feeling at that moment in time. I am excited about my work at this stage of my life. What I hope to accomplish is to create, share works that excite/calm and make people take notice of nature in a crazy world. I hope my creations bring an appreciation for the elements of nature in the art I present.

I took every class I could during high school and continued to paint and draw on my own. A degree in art at college didn't work out because of an art instructor that preached quantity NOT quality, so I left my major and ended up with a BFA in English Literature and a concentration in music. Today, along with painting, drawing and teaching, I write poetry and will be writing novels and short stories. I am currently Editor-in-Chief for my first poetry book along with my partner Garnet Troy Rossi (whose dreams and ideas started this book and more to come) with 30 contributors total and a lot of imagery on many emotions mostly about love. Words and pictures are both great ways of self expression of the heart.

Since 1998, Joyce has been teaching art education out of her home studio to children and twice yearly for a home-school organization called 'The Master's Lyceum'. I have completed 15 years in Mascoutah and now having moved to Jacksonville, Florida, I plan to regroup and start my art and literature studio up to teach for years to come and will continue to enjoy teaching art education and creative writing skills to the next generation of artists. My new school will be named, 'The Joyce Hutchinson Studio for Art and Literature.'

I continue to paint as much as I have time for. I take classes when I can to help continue improving my skills, to diversify my mediums and styles. I love calls for commissions to paint murals and custom fine art. It's thrilling for me to be in a consultation listening to a client tell me what they dream of having in their home and then giving them a finished work of art that expresses exactly how the client feels. I want the client to be proud showing off the custom art in their home. This has been an exciting adventure and I look forward to what tomorrow will bring.

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Byzantine Ballet by Joyce Hutchinson


Neon Daze by Joyce Hutchinson


Autumn Canopy by Joyce Hutchinson


Luthers Rose Interpretation by Joyce Hutchinson


Paletted Peony by Joyce Hutchinson


The Doorway by Joyce Hutchinson


Morning Light by Joyce Hutchinson


Journey Through Time by Joyce Hutchinson


Gracious Tree by Joyce Hutchinson


Venetian Romance by Joyce Hutchinson


Ring Of Fire by Joyce Hutchinson


Infinitree by Joyce Hutchinson


Hyrangea by Joyce Hutchinson


Christmas Cheer by Joyce Hutchinson


The Venetian Way by Joyce Hutchinson


Sunny Face by Joyce Hutchinson


Wisteria Arch by Joyce Hutchinson


Benvenuto by Joyce Hutchinson


Standing Out In the Crowd by Joyce Hutchinson


Flora Among the Ruins by Joyce Hutchinson


Enlightened by Joyce Hutchinson


Good Morning Capri by Joyce Hutchinson


Infinite Fishdance by Joyce Hutchinson


Under the Ivy by Joyce Hutchinson

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