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Joyce Jackson

Duanesburg, NY - United States

Joyce Jackson - Fine Artist

Joyce Jackson

Member Since: 06/20/2009

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My new website is now open. Take a look and let me know what you think. More will be added over time.

New zazzle products now available:

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My whimsical kitty mug photos were recently featured as Artists Personal Choice at 1st Angel Arts Magazine, based in the UK. The magazine is owned and operated by British artist and arts supporter Beth Edwards.

Thanks to Lisa Kramer for featuring my Vision Quest and Power Dance paintings in the Angels and All Spiritual Things group. If I've missed anyone who has featured my work, let me know and I'll credit you and your group or business.

Fire Dreamer was featured by Artist and arts supporter Cathy Jourdan on her website, The picture has received 92 votes at this writing. It's an example of the artwork from my Visionary Art gallery. It's found here. Thanks to Beth and Cathy for these great opportunitites to show my work.

Don't forget that any of the items offered here can be made into greeting cards. Not only this, but the greeting cards can be matted and/or framed and used as a wall hanging, or displayed on an office desk, on a living room end table, or any other tabletop. Yes, the quality is that good! I know because I've already ordered some. Choose your proportions and crop if desired using the tool found in the greeting card selection area for each print. Black or white card paper is available for each offering.
My earliest recollection of being a budding artist is in kindergarten when the cadet teacher encouraged me to create daily crayon drawings of a train, truck, zoo animals, etc. After they were finished, she assembled and stapled them between 2 covers which she had enjoined me to illustrate, creating a little keepsake booklet for me. It’s still a cherished possession.
In later years, I became a studio ceramic artist after falling in love with pottery in college. I spent the next 30 or so years developing and improving my techniques. In the 1990s, my ceramic art was reviewed by a committee of peers with very high standards and when passed, I was accepted as a member of the former Designer Craft Council (DCC) of Schenectady Museum, New York State. Through this, I was able to sell my ceramic art at Departures, Albany International Airport, Schenectady Museum, and various other locations.
My crystalline glazed porcelain vessels won prizes and were regularly accepted by jury into some of the fine craft shows at the Museum before the Craft Council finally disbanded. In 1997, I was honored when the former newspaper arts columnist and reviewer for the Schenectady Gazette, Peg Churchill Wright, wrote coverage of the DCC show featuring my First Prize piece and other crystalline glazed porcelain entries. She commented on them favorably, describing them as “dazzling”.
Unfortunately, when spinal problems began to worsen, I was forced to take a break from full time pottery and began selling used books and other media at my Ageless Pages website, as well as at reseller sites such as Amazon. I’m still active as a bookseller, while never having let go of my love for and activity in artistic endeavors.
In the 1980s, I met a remarkable artist whose work inspired me to paint from the imagination. I used meditation to “receive” visual imagery which I then painted on canvas with acrylic paint. It was a period of high inspiration and progress in personal spiritual development. I haven’t shown or offered the “visionary” work extensively to date. I suppose this is due to its highly personal nature. But one day, when I took a new look at this particular body of work, I realized its value in terms of my life’s achievements. Enlivened by a renewed interest, I’ve returned to the goal of readying these paintings for display and as a result, I’ve embarked upon offering them, many for the first time, for public viewing and sale. Because I wish to adhere to keeping my standards as high as possible, the preparation process is slow, so please stay tuned; more will appear in the coming days.
-Please Note: All of my work is copyrighted whether or not a copyright symbol is showing. Please write to request permission if interested in using any of the work available here or elsewhere, and describe how you'd like to use it.-

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