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Carolyn Judge

Auckland - New Zealand

Carolyn Judge - Fine Artist

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About Carolyn Judge

I have been an artist in one form or another for over twenty years and was creative even as a child working on tapestries, patchwork quilts etc. I have been a professional potter and have worked comprehensively with glass. Six years ago I decided to do some painting. I love to work with watercolours, but also use pastels and charcoal. I prefer mediums that are free of chemicals and are portable so I can work while I travel.

I am quite captivated by watercolour painting and now paint full time from my Auckland based home.

My work process starts with taking a photograph. All of my work is my own copyright. I am an ardent photographer and I am always on the look out for interesting source material. Once I have a photograph to work with I begin my drawing. I take a lot of time to get the drawing accurate. A proficient watercolour artist requires lots of patience and good observation skills.

I always begin my paintings by looking closely at the tonal values and identifying these with variable degrees of yellow washes. This yellow tonal ‘map’ which may consist of as many as ten layers will give a richness and radiance to the subsequent layers of transparent colour pigment.

I must wait for each of many layers of colour pigment to dry completely before applying the next. This is a time consuming process and as a result I work on many paintings simultaneously. I build up the individual layers until I achieve the desired result and may require as many as thirty layers of coloured pigment. One painting typically takes me between 20-30 hours.

I have recently decided to make my art a commercial enterprise. I am currently developing a web site to show case my work for sale and would consider taking on limited commissions. More of my work can be seen at

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Zen Zebra by Carolyn Judge


Necking Giraffes by Carolyn Judge


Summer at Houhora by Carolyn Judge


Autumn at Nelson Lakes by Carolyn Judge


Autumn by the Lake Carolyn Judge Watercolour by Carolyn Judge


A summers day on One Tree Hill by Carolyn Judge


Kaimanawa Winter by Carolyn Judge


Ian by Carolyn Judge



Spring Time Carolyn Judge Watercolours by Carolyn Judge


Venice Sunset Carolyn Judge Watercolour by Carolyn Judge


Auckland Town Hall by Carolyn Judge


A distant gaze by Carolyn Judge


Ponte Vecchio Florence by Carolyn Judge


Auckland Sunset by Carolyn Judge


Just woken up by Carolyn Judge


Sad Girl by Carolyn Judge


The Bridesmaid by Carolyn Judge


Horses in Cornwall Park by Carolyn Judge


New Zealand Woodpidgeon with Kowhai Tree by Carolyn Judge


Turtle Gliding over Bommey by Carolyn Judge


Wax Eye and Apple by Carolyn Judge


Velvet Rose by Carolyn Judge


Hibiscus by Carolyn Judge


Tuis in Kowhai by Carolyn Judge

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