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Julie Dant

Washington, IN - United States








Julie Dant

Washington, IN - United States

Julie Dant - Fine Artist

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About Julie Dant

All my photographs on FAA are copyright protected and may not be reproduced, copied, or used for any purpose without my express consent.

Hello! My name is Julie Dant and I live in the small town of Washington, in southwestern Indiana, in the United States.

I was born an artist in Lawrenceville, in southern Illinois. Some of my earliest memories are of using my mother's tubes of bright red lipstick and drawing upon the back side of the newly varnished bathroom door. I also discovered that when I pulled my mother's dresser drawers out, there was all this blank, pale yellow wood just crying to be adorned with my beautiful drawings! Needless to say, my mother saw to it thereafter that I never lacked in 'art' supplies, especially the paper, after discovering where I was choosing to 'display' my creations.

In the mid to late 90's, I began searching out and documenting with black and white photographs, old abandoned houses all over Indiana, the Midwest, Southeast and Deep South, with the intention of publishing a pictorial book one day. The book has not come to pass as of yet, however I have produced a video in which all of my Indiana houses are featured accompanied by beautiful Celtic music. It is entitled SOLEMN RELICS. In the process of searching out the old houses on narrow country roads, I also, happily, discovered countless, beautiful, rural scenes just begging to be captured. I love painting with acrylics, and one day wish to put many of my favorite photographs to canvas.

At about the same time in my life, I was introduced to a wonderful, creative, and selfless person who recognized potential in my work. He set about boosting my confidence in my own artistic abilities and has, in that sense, become my mentor and has been the driving force behind any of my successes in the creative world. He taught me the meaning of artistic courage; that as artists, we must always fight and find within ourselves the essential strength needed to keep from slipping over the ever looming precipice into self-doubt. On our second meeting, he presented to me a coffee mug with the inscription, 'Creativity Takes Courage' by Henri' Matisse. That simple, small act had the power to begin a change in the direction of my creative life and I am, and forever will be, utterly grateful to my very good friend, Mike Walters, a hugely talented videographer and film maker.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my gallery and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I'd love to hear from you. Thank you and MAY YOU ALL DISCOVER THE CREATIVE COURAGE THAT IS WITHIN YOU!

Julie Dant

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Gulf Oil Spill Awareness Portraits by Julie Dant

These are recent photographs of children and adults covered in chocolate syrup to represent the crude oil that is covering the wildlife and the beaches in the Gulf of Mexico and costing the fishing families their livelihoods. The idea of using the chocolate is not mine. A fine photographer from St. Louis, Katherine Bish came up with the idea and when I saw her wonderful work I decided that many people in my own community might want to help further the awareness of the Oil Spill and it's effects upon the coastal animal life as well as the Gulf residents by coming to me to get voluntarily photographed in a similar manner. I am donating all profits of any sales of these photographs to a family or families on Grand Isle, Louisiana who's livelihoods have been taken away by this disaster.