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JW DeBrock

Genesseo, IL - United States








JW DeBrock

Genesseo, IL - United States

JW DeBrock - Fine Artist

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About JW DeBrock

Greetings art lover! I'm J. W. DeBrock, currently living in the Midwestern United States - native to the desert Southwest, Arizona. I've been creating art for over four decades. I was a muralist and sign painter in the days when they were still done by hand, before the computers took over. I learned the basics of drawing and painting early - private lessons from an excellent teacher when I was in the fourth grade, a woman with the unlikely name of Joy Valentine - whose instruction was so strong and so compelling it has served me well my entire life and enabled me to teach others. I have worked with a wide variety of mediums - oil, charcoal, pastel, house paint - but prefer to work in acrylics for their vivid colors and quick drying time. I am most fascinated with the old master impressionists - VanGogh specifcally, my all-time favorite. Perhaps my favorite subject matter are themes from Arizona and the Native Tribes - I love to paint portraits with the vivid coloration of the desert. Additionally I work with a variety of other items - wood crafts, textile arts, and handmade jewelry. I've been married six times - you can see it in my signatures, a variety - lived all over the United States, have three beautiful grown children, and fancy myself an author, having published two novels (Horror/Erotica/Suspense) on Amazon for Kindle. It's been an interesting life this time around ! Namaste.

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Sunflower. by JW DeBrock


Sunshine by JW DeBrock


The Madame by JW DeBrock


Blue Vincent by JW DeBrock


Purple Vincent by JW DeBrock


Red Vincent by JW DeBrock


Two and a Half Chicks by JW DeBrock


Dairy Queen by JW DeBrock


Love Ewe by JW DeBrock


Coffee Fetish by JW DeBrock


Cocoon by JW DeBrock


Waiting by JW DeBrock


Iconic by JW DeBrock


Purple Iris by JW DeBrock


Autumn Gold by JW DeBrock


Sunny Daze by JW DeBrock


Yellow Iris by JW DeBrock


Calla Lilies by JW DeBrock


Fireworks by JW DeBrock

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