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Kacy Cope

Palmyra, PA - United States








Kacy Cope

Palmyra, PA - United States

Kacy Cope - Fine Artist

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About Kacy Cope

I am an artist, a mother, a wife and a teacher. I am also a grateful appreciator of the beauty of God's creation. I am creatively driven. For as long as I can remember I have loved to make things, whether it be with a pencil or brush, yarn or material or by whipping up something delicious in the kitchen. I love the process of starting with something basic and simple and creating something beautiful out of it. My mother instilled in me that desire to make things. She can often be found with knitting needles, a crochet hook or weaving shuttle in her hands. I was taught a love of nature by my father who would take the time to point out and name different plants, trees, birds, etc. when we walked together in the woods. I am drawn to notice and appreciate the tiny details of nature that often get overlooked by others... they bring me such joy. This sometimes causes distress to my husband and son when we are hiking because they want to keep going and I've stopped for the hundredth time to take 'just one more photo'. I'm thankful for their patience with me.

My favorite art mediums are drawing with pencil or charcoal on paper and painting with watercolors. I struggle with finding the time and finances to pursue my art as I would like to. Sometimes I feel like my head is exploding with ideas. My current interest is with color and pattern and I've very much enjoyed creating the paintings that you see here. Playing with color is so much fun! Thank you for viewing my artwork, visiting my website and for your support. I greatly hope that my art will be a blessing to you and will bring you joy.

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Joyful Cosmos by Kacy Cope


Nasturtiums by Kacy Cope


Hydrangea Duet by Kacy Cope


Dancing Susans by Kacy Cope


Lilies for Linda by Kacy Cope


Yellow Rose Bouquet by Kacy Cope


Sunflowers for Jenn by Kacy Cope


Feeling Good by Kacy Cope


Zinnias by Kacy Cope


Fantasy Bouquet by Kacy Cope


Falling Leaves by Kacy Cope


Fall Leaves by Kacy Cope

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