Kamil Swiatek - Fine Artist

Kamil Swiatek

Oakville, ON - Canada








Kamil Swiatek

Oakville, ON - Canada

Kamil Swiatek - Fine Artist

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About Kamil Swiatek

At a very young age, I have always loved to draw, sketch and paint. My school notebooks became canvases of sketches and drawings, which, in time, turned into the building blocks of the art you see here today.

In my earlier years, I enjoyed painting with acrylic and oil paints. In school, I experimented with many medias; oil, acrylic, watercolour paints, pencil, charcoal, mixed media and many others as well. However, when I started exploring with oil pastels, it felt different and unique. I decided to examine this new fascination by devoting my time to only painting with oil pastels from 2002 to 2011. In 2011, my interest for my oil paints rekindled, and I took up my paint brushes once again. In 2012, I overcame my fear of painting with the palette knife and have been painting with it ever since.

Throughout my education over the years, art class not only became a way of expressing my creativity, but a duty to show emotion, meaning, depth and my love for the work itself. Stirring some emotion or causing a reflection from the viewer when contemplating my work is important to me. I try to capture the atmosphere, intent and what lies beneath of not only the subject but myself as well. Whichever the emotion I try to express; love, happiness, sorrow or pain, each piece I pour my heart and soul into it and nothing less. As to me, my work is my passion and purpose in life, and I would like to thank you for taking the time for viewing it.

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Twitter: @KamiltheArtist
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kamilswiatekstudio

-Kamil Swiatek

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