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Karen Buford

Las Vegas, NV - United States








Karen Buford

Las Vegas, NV - United States

Karen Buford - Fine Artist

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About Karen Buford

I started drawing as a young child. I was encouraged by my parents to explore my creativity, and given unusual toys for my age. While my friends received dolls as gifts I was given the dolls and a miniature sewing machine that really sewed things together. I had more coloring books and crayons than everyone else. I continued to study art and was able to attend a special program in high school where I learned commercial and fine art skills. In high school I was inspired by the surrealists and impressionist. I loved Magritte, Dali, Van Gogh and Monet. I wanted to learn how to paint like them. I managed to create images in a surrealistic style more than actually learning any real painting techniques. During that time I earned my first $50 designing a logo for a friend's business card.

I started in college and began learning about the art of different cultures. I became fascinated by Egyptian and African art. At college I learned various art making techniques, including finally some painting that was approximate to Impressionism. By that time I had also discovered the great American modern artist like Pollack, Warhol, Harding.

After college I dived into the world of art and started exhibiting on a local level. I was well received by the art papers and magazines, but I decided to share my talents with others by teaching. So, as I continued to develop my drawing, collage, African, African-American art, and acrylic painting, I also teach students how to express themselves. Now my art is in transition. I am starting to explore digital art and how to mix traditional and digital together into something new for me. I still have all these artistic influences plus works of new digital artists. I am very excited to see how all this mixes up and shake out. Stay tuned to see what develops! In the meantime enjoy some new postings of artworks!

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