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Karen Hale

Jackson, CA - United States








Karen Hale

Jackson, CA - United States

Karen Hale - Fine Artist

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About Karen Hale

'Using the basic art elements of color, design, and texture I create a vibrant and opulent canvas which both pleases and stimulates the art lover. The absence of recognizable objective forms leads you on your own journey of discovery.'

Karen Hale's canvases have been called dynamic, bold, explosive and exciting but they also involve subtle nuances of color and meaning that takes the viewer into the painting where they can make new and unexpected insights. She works both large and small. Often she begins with design idea but as the painting develops it leads her into new areas of expression.

Hale constructs her paintings with layers of thick and thin color that is washed, glazed or scumbled over textured surfaces using brushes, trowels, and even kitchen utensils. She uses acrylic paints and mediums,sometimes a variety of papers, found objects, fabric, thread, metallic
leafing. The results are a delight of color and texture.

Karen Hale has been a professional artist for over 40 years. She has worked in many art forms including textiles, jewelry, collage, and photography. All of these experiences culminate in the incredibly rich and sophisticated abstract paintings she produces today. Her works can be found throughout the world in private collections and commercial enterprises. The paintings add a luxurious and sophisticated impact to any room in which they hang.

Karen's commercial artist father taught her to use power tools by the time she was eleven. Her fascination with materials even at that early age led to her artistic growth. Though she tried other professions, she always did art projects on the side. Once married, she began to sell crafts to help put her husband through college. A temporary job led to a fulfilling lifetime profession for a gifted and prolific painter.

Karen lives on 5 acres in the foothills of California with her husband, Tom. She is an avid gardener and her land is filled with paths, streams, sculptures, and exuberant flower beds. Her sense of color and design are evident even in her gardens that like her paintings feel free and spontaneous but exude design and beauty.

Go on your own discovery of Karen Hale's paintings. Feel the power of the strong strokes, relish the amazing blending of colors and find your own meaning as it speaks to you emotionally. The joy is endless.

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