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Karin Kohlmeier

New York, NY - United States








Karin Kohlmeier

New York, NY - United States

Karin Kohlmeier - Fine Artist

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About Karin Kohlmeier

I came to art the long way. In the spring of 2011, I graduated with my PhD in English. I went into the program thinking that I would spend my life as an academic, but on the way I met with a few surprises--including the incomparable Professor Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, whose courses, such as 'Victorian Textures' and 'Zero, Infinity, Chaos, Sublimity' (where we, among other things, looked at poetry through the lens of chaos theory) changed how I look at literature and, by extension, life in general. In the 'Zero, Infinity, Chaos, Sublimity' class she introduced us to paper marbling...and I was in love! I cannot get enough of trying new techniques, new color combinations, marbling on new materials--anything I can think of. One of the things I love most about painting with marbling paints is the fact that, no matter how much planning I put into it, I never know quite how the final image will turn out. That element of surprise is so much fun, and keeps me coming back for more again and again.

I use some of the same techniques in the acrylic paintings I do on canvas. I love pouring and swirling, tilting the canvas, sometimes even putting my hands directly in the paint to manipulate it. I love the almost infinite variety of textures that acrylics and acrylic mediums allow me to incorporate into my paintings. From marble dust, to pumice stones, to glass beads and beyond, I never get tired of discovering new possibilities for creating unique works of art.

My other love is photography. I maintained a daily photo blog for 900 straight days at http://www.karinkohlmeier.com. A few months ago, I transitioned from the daily photo format to a more traditional blog, but I still take and post photos regularly.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy what you see here.

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Lady Slipper by Karin Kohlmeier


Deep Green Nostalgia by Karin Kohlmeier


Brooklyn Bridge Sunset by Karin Kohlmeier


Fetish by Karin Kohlmeier


Descending by Karin Kohlmeier


Fire and Ice by Karin Kohlmeier


Smoky Pink and Blue by Karin Kohlmeier


Ghostly by Karin Kohlmeier


Vertical by Karin Kohlmeier


Blue Horizon by Karin Kohlmeier


Deep Blue by Karin Kohlmeier


Abstract Black and Red by Karin Kohlmeier


Motion Blue and Gold by Karin Kohlmeier


Ghosts in Mauve by Karin Kohlmeier


Ghosts in Blue by Karin Kohlmeier


Ghosts in Burgundy by Karin Kohlmeier


April Gust by Karin Kohlmeier


Undersea Eruption by Karin Kohlmeier


Spring Surge by Karin Kohlmeier


Psychedelic Blue and Red no. 1 by Karin Kohlmeier


Chinatown Lights by Karin Kohlmeier


Lake District by Karin Kohlmeier


Sunflowers for Sale by Karin Kohlmeier


Oxford Bicycle by Karin Kohlmeier

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