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Kate Tesch

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Kate Tesch

Seattle, WA - United States

Kate Tesch - Fine Artist

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About Kate Tesch

Kate Tesch is a Seattle based artist currently experimenting with three-dimensional painting techniques. She holds a fine arts degree focused in ceramics and sculpture but her painting is primarily self-taught. Her paintings reflect her background in their textural quality achieved through paint volume and splattered application. With the canvas on the floor, she uses gravity as an applicator, with the occasional spatula stroke here and there. Her work has been sold throughout the west coast and her pieces are on display in numerous locations around Seattle.

Drip Series:
This series is about the relationship I have with the paint itself. Itís about not being pressured to paint a form or a figure, landscape or object but to allow the paint to do what any liquid does. There is something so beautiful about letting the paint drip splatter or splash that replicates other liquid forms of matter that we come across everyday. The series has been an exploration of taking the simplicity of a drip and turning it into a complex and intricate maze of color. The organic manor in which the paint falls is what fascinates me.

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