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Kate McKenna

Las Vegas, NV - United States








Kate McKenna

Las Vegas, NV - United States

Kate McKenna - Fine Artist

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About Kate McKenna

'Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.' That's it. That's the lure of photography for me. Dorothea Lange said it beautifully. It's all about freezing time.

Hello, I'm Kate. Australian photographer. Las Vegas (yes, *that* Las Vegas) resident. Most of my work is travel related, but I go through phases. Makes for a mixed portfolio. If you asked me who my favourite photographers were I'd say Dorothea Lange, Margaret Bourke-White and Vivian Maier. These pioneering women captured powerful black and white images that continue to hold my attention decade after decade. I do love black and white.

This site holds a small portion of my image vault. Head on over to the Flickr site if you just want to do some armchair travel. There you will find famous tourist destinations such as Portofino (which boasts the title 'most photographed village in the world') and unheard of places like Jan Mayen Island in the Arctic Circle (more people climb Mt Everest each year than visit Jan Mayen!).

Kate McKenna. All images on this web site are protected by international copyright laws. Please seek permission before using. Watermark does not appear on printed product.
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