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Kathie Papasso

Okeechobee, Fl - United States








Kathie Papasso

Okeechobee, Fl - United States

Kathie Papasso - Fine Artist

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About Kathie Papasso

ABOUT THE ARTIST ~ Kathie Papasso

“My art, just as a well written song is about my life experiences.”

As a mother of two with 4 grandchildren living in Okeechobee and traveling often, I am fortunate to have an endless supply of natural subject material. My painting started with pet portraits and then my subject matter began to grow with our travels. We recently replaced our 33’ sport fishing boat with a motor home and my husband of 35 years is also a pilot and we own our own aircraft.
With these different modes of transportation, I have the unique opportunity to see things in a way most people can not. Also, because of the very different subject matter of these types of transportation, it was natural for me to begin by painting airplanes, boats and many of the fabulous vistas I have seen from these unique modes of transportation.
However, living in Okeechobee has also given me a very unique perspective of the modern rancher and cattleman, not to mention the subject matter that is all around me at home in Okeechobee. The more I looked the more I began to find, especially around town, local ranches, local lakes, especially the Big “O” itself.
I became serious about my art less then 4 years ago starting with Color pencils, then watercolors, I eventually tried oils and ended up enjoying Acrylics which is the medium most of my work is in today. Enjoying painting the fine details I like to obtain realism with an occasional attempt at different techniques like impressionism and the palette knife technique for texture.
I have placed First in numerous art contests over the past few years and have also had the privilege of having my work hanging in the A.E. Backus Gallery in Ft. Pierce. My work is also somewhat in demand having been commissioned by many local ranchers and people, some as far away as Oklahoma, Canada and Alaska
On my journey I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of great artists and really interesting people, but the most memorable meeting was recently when I had most of the living Highwaymen visit my booth at a local art show. They were nice enough to spend some time looking at my work and discussing my work and career with me. They were all very complementary of my work and supportive of my talent calling it a natural talent. Many of them also commented on my attention to detail especially how my animal paintings capture the life in the eyes of the animals. They also took a group picture with me, which was a highlight of our meeting.
As I continue my quest for the perfect subject I have been drawn more and more to animals and natural vistas. While I have not focused entirely on one area of art, I seem to be more of a naturalist by choice, painting mostly cows and local lake scenes with a many gifts and commissioned portraits also in my portfolio. More importantly, I paint what I feel and how I see it which I feel is the key to my talent and the secret of my success.

Kathie Papasso
“Fine Art by Papasso”

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