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Kd Neeley

Albuquerque, NM - United States








Kd Neeley

Albuquerque, NM - United States

Kd Neeley - Fine Artist

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Art for Music, Unique Portraits, Pet Portraits, Weddings, Anniversaries, Newborns, Motorcycle Portraits, and More

Some of my favorite commissions are making art for bands (band posters, flyers, album covers, cd art, t-shirt designs, stickers, magnets, etc) I love eye-catching, psychedelic, vivid, surprising, trippy artwork inspired by music! I also love doing pet portraits, dogs and cats with their favorite toys or a funny twist (smoking a pipe, playing cards, wearing glasses, drinking wine, whatever you imagine they'd really like to be doing!). I also like still life portrait paintings that consist of objects which all belong to a person and symbolize something about that life, memorial pieces, and unique portraits for couples and families (wedding portraits, anniversary, birthday,newborns, new mothers, and holiday gifts). I'd really love to knock out some motorcycle portraits too. For most commissions I ask for 50% to begin and the remainder+shipping when the work is done and I can work with payment plans and handle most long-distance payments through PayPal. If you're a band and you send me some sample MP3's that vibrate my soul I'll make you some artwork gratis in exchange for a percentage of merch sales featuring the artwork I create. You can send your music to me at NeeleyARTs@gmail.com and let me know if you're interested in that offer, along with any of your online pages (ReverbNation, YouTube, Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc) where I can see what you guys are up to.

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From architecture to temperature, from pets to cohabitants--we are influenced by our external environments. Every moment we are surrounded, primed, and triggered by sounds, images, flashes of memory, and even colors. These things influence the thought streams constantly at flow in our minds. My goal is to give you something meaningful, beautiful, impacting, or suggestive in your chosen way to act as the influence you desire in your home, private office, or place of business. From skies on your ceiling, portraits of your loved ones and heroes, to windows of serenity or metaphysical dreams; my goal is to bring your environment something that is beneficial to your thoughts for the happiness of your life.

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Live Long and Prosper by Kd Neeley


Bebe La La 2015 by Kd Neeley


Zia Spirit by Kd Neeley


Cowboy Skull by Kd Neeley


The Prophet by Kd Neeley


The Philosopher by Kd Neeley


The Shaman's Dream by Kd Neeley


Food of the Gods by Kd Neeley


Dias de los Muertos April Love by Kd Neeley


Rachel's Land by Kd Neeley


DMT Molecule by Kd Neeley


My Grandsons by Kd Neeley


Valentine by Kd Neeley


Lotus Nebula by Kd Neeley


Madonna by Kd Neeley


Closer by Kd Neeley


Wineglass of Grapes by Kd Neeley


Toy Horse by Kd Neeley


Dad a Portrait of My Father by Kd Neeley


The Hunter by Kd Neeley


Elephant by Kd Neeley


Lion by Kd Neeley


Zebra by Kd Neeley


My Soul by Kd Neeley


Giraffe by Kd Neeley


Lullabies for Nebulas by Kd Neeley


Locked Doors by Kd Neeley


Electric Desire by Kd Neeley


Of Knowledge by Kd Neeley


Home by Kd Neeley


Pangaea by Kd Neeley


Pangaea cropped by Kd Neeley


Evolution by Kd Neeley


The Oath by Kd Neeley


Ascension of the Soul by Kd Neeley


Ascension of the Soul Part III by Kd Neeley


Ascension of the Soul Part II by Kd Neeley


Ascension of the Soul Part I by Kd Neeley


The Gift by Kd Neeley


Golden Lead by Kd Neeley


The Eighth Fool by Kd Neeley


Green Fairy by Kd Neeley


Self Portrait by Kd Neeley


The Lover by Kd Neeley


Phantom Carnival by Kd Neeley


Yellow Flower by Kd Neeley


Movement No 1 by Kd Neeley


Movement No 2 by Kd Neeley

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