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Keith Dillon

Portland, OR - United States

Keith Dillon - Fine Artist

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About Keith Dillon

Keith Dillon, Artist / Photographer. I was born in New Jersey, growing in the northern part of the state. Started out wanting to be a artist, picked up a camera, began covering rock bands for magazines. Worked as a assistant for other professional photographers, started a studio, and became a commercial photographer for 30 years. I worked in advertising, product, photojournalism, editorial, and corporate, both in studio, and locations. Starting using digital, and Photoshop 19 years ago. My advertising work has been in Andy Warhol, INTERVIEW magazine, TOWN & COUNTRY magazine, and MANHATTAN CATALOGUE magazine, and many more. I was published in AMERICAN PHOTO magazine in the Nov. / Dec. 2004 issue. And have a background in art direction, and designing advertising campaigns, and branding.
My personal work has been shown in The Atlantic City Art Museum, and in the permanent collection of the Noyes Museum of Art, New Jersey. The Talisman Gallery, and four group shows and one solo show at the Denizen Gallery, and six group shows, one solo show. Also the Afru Gallery. Also The Geezer Gallery, at the Artist Repertory Theatre, The Foxfinder, and the GOOD a gallery all five in Portland, Oregon. Also the California Museum of Photography, and is in the permanent collection in the Los Angeles Center For Digital. And a big show, Art Takes Times Square 2012, my image, Desire and the Jacks of Hearts, appeared on a big screen in Times Square, on a three day weekend. Photographer's FORUM magazine, 2012 Photo of the Year. Honorable Mention in the 2012 International Photography Awards annual competition. And published in Mystica Magazine 2014. My solo show, DREAMS, VISIONS, and other ILLUSIONS at the Fireplace gallery, Mt Hood Community College, in May 2014. One of my latest project is the original poster art for the motion picture H Y A C I N T H, a documentary featuring Max Schwartz, one of the ‘Mad Poets of San Francisco’ who starred in First Love [1964] the only surviving film directed by Jim Morrison of The Doors. I'm now living in Portland, Oregon.

My work in one word, questions. It is super surreal, very graphic, with complex composition, and heavy use of perspective. Coming from dreams and visions, some make a statement, others tell a story, and some are just for fun. I shoot all the objects, with a Canon SLR digital camera, and put them together. Taking trips to locations to shoot stock images. I shoot all kinds of things, at the time not knowing how I'm going to put them to use. I also shoot models, and objects in the studio, that are needed to create a image. I drop and compose the images on to a background, in some cases, using filters, or painting them in the computer to create, a photo collage As we all know a photograph shows us a real thing, we been told that all our lives. By using my process, it looks like a photograph, but something is out of sink. And by having them printed on archival stretched canvas prints, are they a photograph or a painting. The viewer is drawn in, and then it starts a questioning of what is real. The hook brings you in, and then a story begins to develops. That's why I call it super surreal art, Art That Makes You Think !

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Meeting by Keith Dillon


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Bodscape by Keith Dillon


Harlequin Girl With Bear by Keith Dillon


Hyacinth by Keith Dillon


Heads At Red Rock by Keith Dillon


Face # 3 by Keith Dillon

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